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Stamina Air Rower Machine

Stamina Air Rower MachineThe Stamina Air can suit those people who would like just to get fit, lose a few pounds and get into shape. However, it will not suit you if you already work out or are thinking to take it up as a sport. Although its comparatively high price puts it at the far end of the list of budget rowers, this machine comes out much better than other models that cost around the same.



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Stamina Air Rower Review

Main Features

It is called an ‘air rower’ since it uses a fan for creating the resistance for a user to work against and it is the basic principle for exercising. If there is nothing resisting your movement, your muscles do not get enough of a workout. However, several reviewers mention that the resistance does not kick in early enough and thus, it does not give a proper workout. In other words, it does not give the legs or back enough to work against. It is called a dead-spot and is a thing that should be avoided on a rower. However, for aerobic training it is acceptable and will not ruin your experience, though if you are looking for all the benefits of rowing, this very machine is not for you.

Do not let you get confused since it is actually a good appliance and gives value for the money it is priced but only for aerobic training. Moreover, it can be folded up into a quite compact size for easy storing and does not weigh too much, but, at the same time, it provides quite a sturdy feel while you are rowing on it.

One more advantage of this machine is that it is quite straightforward to install and take only around fifteen minutes. For you to compare, assembling of other rowers has taken us much longer.

The seat of the appliance is extremely comfortable in terms of the price required, and the performance is smooth and can favorably be compared to the models that cost more. Sometimes air rowers can be noisy for indoor usage, but this one is much quieter than most similar models and, therefore, a perfect choice if you do not want to annoy the members of your family or if living in an apartment you prefer staying on good terms with the neighbors.

The Console/ Monitor

Being quite basic, the display is easy to use. It shows you distance, speed, time and estimated calories burnt. It does not have any preset programs, PC-connectivity or targets but since it is a budget model, this fact should not be disappointing. If you want to get all these sort of features in your rowing machine, be ready to pay twice or even more than the cost of this appliance.


It is not a machine that suits a gym, but you should not expect it to be so for the price required since such a rower would cost at least four times more! However, it is a perfectly adequate rower with reasonable frame quality for a rather competitive price. We assure you that you will get several years of its use if you intend to row on it daily for about 20 minutes.

If you plan to train more time than this, you should better look for some rowing machine that will meet your demands.


  • sturdy steel frame
  • it is reasonably quiet (as for an air rower)
  • compact appliance for easy storage
  • good for moderate use
  • folds easily


  • the resistance does not kick in early enough to work out fully
  • only a three-month warranty on parts (a frame one is three years)

Technical specification:

  • max 250-lbs user weight
  • air resistance type
  • 56-lbs weight
  • dimensions: 77″ x 18″ x 22″
  • storage space: 46″ x 18″ x 28″


  • three years on the frame

three months on parts

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