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kettler coach mThe Kettler Coach M – is a German made and designed rowing machine. Being of a German origin already says something. For example high quality, functionality, features, options, durability etc. And at the same time it is different from the majority rowing machines on the market. It is like a separate unit but being separate and unique doesn’t mean being worse. On the contrary, every person has his/her taste and we are sure that there are people who fall in love with this particular rowing machine, despite its design. And according to the reviews, we were right, as many people say that it is the performance that plays the most important role, and in no way the look/design.

“Performance plays the most significant role” – users of the Kettler were pleasantly surprised and impressed by its smooth job and very quiet resistance mechanism, which is, by the way, magnetic.

Kettler Coach M Review

Before writing this review, we had previously tested and used two other Kettler rowers and it turned out that they were in a “very good shape” as they demonstrated very high results. But from the Kettler Coach M rowing machine we expect much more as its price is twice higher than those 2 models (Outrigger and Favorit – hydraulic machines). And after our research we came into conclusion that the Ketter Coach M is really different from all the rowing machines.

There are always issues about assembling the machine. But with Kettler it wasn’t a problem and perhaps that’s why took us only 30 minutes. We always say that the most important is the seat and here the seat is just great + comfortable. Moreover, it slides back and forth extremely smoothly on its rail, which is guided by the rollers on two bars. It is very comfortable to take any position on this rower and the footplates are of an original design.

Coach M 2As we wrote above it has a magnetic type of resistance. And it is one of the quietest we have ever tried and tested. Therefore during the exercise you can do whatever you want, for instance: listen to music or radio, watch TV etc but the rower will not even bother you, as you will simply not hear it.

Apart from being the quietest rower, it is also a rower, which has 10 levels of resistance. You can choose any level by turning a knob under the console. Though usually such things are done digitally, maybe that’s why we were a little confused. In other magnetic rower models, if you wish to select a level, you should just press the button and that is all. But in Ketter it is a bit different. But it is not a big issue as still the Kettle stays a hi-tech rowing machine. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of a really tough resistance, then you may find that this machine isn’t the one you need.

Coming back to its advantages, we can’t stand saying that the Coach M includes a T34 wireless chest. The function of this wireless chest is to transfer your heart rate to a special receiver in the console. Later, your heart rate will be shown on a monitor/display. And then you can use it for heart rate training programs.

When you don’t need the rowing machine anymore, after the exercise, you can easily store it in some place. The machine doesn’t require a lot of space as it is can be put/stored in a vertical position.

All rowing machines which are produced by the Kettler come with two extra plates. One of them is the backboard and another is the footplate. The extra handles can be used for a variety of additional exercises. But our idea is that it just disturbs the person from the rowing process itself. Consequently, we consider that this extra backboard and footplate should be kept in storage. Though some people find it quite useful. In the end, everyone decides for himself.

Making a little conclusion, we want to say – the price is worth its every feature and moreover warranty. This particular rowing machine will last forever and ever. And it is not a joke. As you can see below, its warranty for the frame is a lifetime and for other parts – 3 years. That’s why it makes us think that this money is truly a good investment in the future.


kettler mThe Kettler’s display looks really cool but seems like it demonstrates a lot of information, which is a little bit hard to read, whereas in other models the monitors are the same but simpler to understand what is going on. Nevertheless, it displays distance, stroke rate and time, calories and obviously your pulse rate. Some people say that they would prefer larger LCD readout, though again everyone has his/her own taste. And perhaps for some people the LCD size doesn’t play a major role. ATTENTION: the console works due to the batteries and doesn’t require any additional power sources.



Every person from our team can say without any hesitation that this Kettler rowing machine is of a high class with its magnetic resistance type. Due to it, you can experience all the profits, like quiet performance, smooth sliding and amazingly comfortable seat (the feeling is the same as if you sit on a sofa). Almost everyone is absolutely hypnotized by this model. But there are people, who just don’t see this particular model like their favorite. Therefore, there are other rowing machines for a similar price which can be considered. But if in your case the Kettler Coach M inspired you, then go to Amazon and get for about 1000 dollars and believe me it is worth its money.


  • quiet performancekettler coach m 7974
  • made in Germany (guarantees quality)
  • comfortable seat
  • magnetic resistance type
  • 10 levels of resistance
  • Slides smoothly
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Polar HRM wireless transmitter


  • looks different from others, not stylish though functional
  • price is a little high
  • 2 extra accessories (backboard and footplate) distract the attention from rowing itself
  • To change the resistance level a person should use a knob instead of a digital button
  • Resistance isn’t high enough for some people
  • LCD display is a little complicated


  1. Rower weight – 96 lbs
  2. Resistance type – magnetic
  3. Dimensions – 81”x21”x27”
  4. Maximum user weight – 285 lbs


  1. frame – lifetime
  2. other parts – 3 years

The best deal, which you will be able to find will be on Amazon for 999 dollars, shipping included.


All in all, we can conclude that for this price and even less you can get the rowing machines with almost the same features. For instance, a highly popular Concept Model D. If you are looking for a magnetic type of rower, then you may think of LifeCore R100, though it will cost more, it will also show you more features and excellent performance. If you are thinking of buying a water rowing machine, then take a look at the WaterRower H2O Seattle and the ProPower RX-950. Both very nice water rowing machines.

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