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Inversion table therapy excercises

It is clever to get yourself informed about some popular inversion exercises if you’re planning to purchase an inversion table. We have very rich experience dealing with various types of clients and they actually share different common features. One of the most popular one is that people don’t understand the full potential of this stands. Simple exercises are capable of providing pressure upon the exact group of muscles while inversion stand trains the core strength of your body by providing gravity effect.

So, if you’re planning to get into shape and train your abdominal muscles then simply don’t look further than good inversion table stands. You’ll experience strength increase shortly and will be capable of doing workout at more complicated angles which will result into extra muscle training. Inversion table exercises are very different with various angles possibilities. We’ll present the most valuable and popular inversion exercises further in this article.

Stretching exercises for beginners

First of all, apply stretching to your body during inversion. There is a good trick of isolating your torso by arching it from one side to another. Such approach will allow back and stomach muscles to relax as well as stretch the low and middle part of your spine because of gravity effect. Second effective stretching approach is to cross one arm all over your body aiming at another side of inversion table. When you are holding properly just rotate on your shoulder in order to apply stretching pressure. You may do these exercises remarkably often during any training session. The same approach could be applied to the neck by inversion exercises and rotation.

Inversion stretching therapy

You should always be careful with your approach to stretching exercises and starting with partial one. Your spine could be simply not ready for it if you don’t have relative experience. The outcome is extremely unpredictable starting with the dull pain in your body and up to a severe damage of your muscles. If you have already come with partial inversion therapy exercises then your body is ready for more serious workout which will help you to get even into better shape.

Inverted Crunches: these are simply an advanced variation of simple crunches since your body will have to go the whole way up which will lead to additional hard work for your stomach and back muscles.

Sit Ups: they have a lot of in common with previous exercise but of the increased difficulty. You should place your hands behind your head and try to do sit up to the upper part of your body at this point. It is also possible to help your legs by placing hands near the knees. This exercise is extremely difficult and effective and will result into a pleasant pain after workout. It will require you ten times less sit ups than usually to get to the final point. However, there is also a couple of advices which should be offered. Do not perform this exercise when tired and be sure that your position is safe.

Inverted Squats:  These are also common inversion therapy exercise which also makes your legs work. You should simply put each hand on a leg and lean towards the knees. The gravity effect will provide work effort for both legs and torso muscles just like normal standing squat but of a greater effectiveness.

Inversion Table stretching: exercises which are simply the best way to cope with the stress in your spine and whole body. They are usually divided into basic and assisted stretching.

Simple safety rules and recommendations

Safety is extremely important thing to follow during inversion exercises as it is necessary to secure yourself from traumatic experience. So the question is: “are inversion tables safe?” Well, their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. These tables are providing their owners with more complicated workout possibilities because of gravity effect. However, risk of getting injured is also much bigger if you don’t follow common sense and safety rules. The most important advice is to start with partial and less harming inversion and stretching exercises in order to get prepared for more advanced and complicated workout.

There are inversion stands which have possibility of ab-building. They are completely reliable and easy to use but simple, so if you’re planning to be more comfortable with your inversion table exercises then you should have a look at more advanced solutions on this market. Teeter and Lumbar Bridge models are packed with additional capabilities which will give you a hand during inversion exercises.

An 8 week program for novice athletes

We’ve included our experience into this 8-week program development in order to help you to get into shape within this structured period of time. This simple program is widely recommended for novice athletes who’re trying to develop their strength and overall shape with a help of inversion table.

There is one popular saying among athletes: “no pain – no gain”. That’s why inversion table exercises are usually result into solid shape of performer in a short amount of time cause they are much more difficult than a simple one. Moreover, since you’re hanging upside down you will be doing workout at the full amplitude which will result into additional pressure for abdominal muscles.

Get Started With My 8-Week Program Today:

Week 1: the core point of this period is to prepare your muscles for the future intense workout and make a necessary background of technical implementation of exercises. We recommend to go with inverted crunches (2-3 reps) so you could understand where is the limit of your body at this stage. The only advise is not to overdo since it is just the beginning.

Week 2-3: this is the starting point for stretching exercises we mentioned previously in this article which is also a part of body preparation. Begin inversion therapy exercises with a set of stretches and then move forward to crunches trying to reach your maximum potential.

Week 46: The main aim of this period is to cope with sit ups and squats exercises which are noticeably more difficult than the previous one. So, begin the forth week with sit-ups, crunches and stretches and then try hard to perform squats and crunches during the next week. The last phase is the point when you should combine all three parts of the workout and perform them during one training session but don’t forget about proper rest.

Week 78: this is the polishing period when you are to combine stretching and inversion exercises in order to get yourself into desirable shape. Just rely on your personal experience and feeling but do not go easy on yourself doing crunches, sit ups and squats as well as making your muscles looser with stretching.