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Back Stretching Machines

Take Care Of Your Back With A Back Stretching Machine

So far the medicine has detected 4 main reasons that cause back pain, these: a bad posture, accident, arthritis or infection. Whatever the source of one’s pack pain is, a sufficient way for coping with it is Yoga and similar elongating exercises. Even though these exercises are, undoubtedly, beneficial, for some of those who undergo the severe painful feelings, especially chronic pain, Yoga exercises are not enough. Such people should seek another way out.

If you know this description fits you, you need to take a back stretching machine into your consideration. One should not confuse an inversion table and a back stretcher, as they are totally different. There are many similarities between them, but these pieces of equipment differ.

The back stretcher is more affordable for one’s budget, but it has fewer functions. The inversion table is better equipped and is meant to carry out more functions than just back stretching. However, if that is your only requirement, you might not want to have any extra expenses and purchase one of these models. However, we suggest making a review of various devices that are available on the market before buying one.

We are offering you the list of available devices you might want to take into consideration while doing your research.

The Back Stretcher

A back stretching device can be described not as a unit, but rather a range of equipment meant to gradually decompress and elongate one’s spine. When the spine is compressed, it causes painful and aching feelings. The discs compression results into them pinching the nerve clusters. When the pressure is taken off, the pain coming from the pinched nerves will subside. There is a variety of different models, but almost all of them provide the same service, which is restoring the initial alignment of a spine.


You will be astonished at the speed with which you will be spared of pain since the positive changes will be visible soon after you start utilizing the devices like this. Some people have even stated that they have felt the pain subsidence after only the first use. However, if one suffers from severe pain, especially if one’s back pain is chronic, it will take more time, patience and dedication. Companies and manufacturers provide a vast range of models, but the principles of work performance are exactly the same. The thing is that every human’s spine has the same structure and no matter what colour, which accessories the device has or what material it is made of, the job the device does is absolutely the same.


The Lumbar Extender

The lumbar extender is a little construction in the shape of an arch meant for exercising on the floor. One places one’s spine atop the model holding one’s hands over one’s head. While spine stays motionless in an arch-shaped position, it restores its initial alignment. By elongating one’s spine in such position, one receives appropriate disc and back alignment, easing the compression and taking the pain off. This elongation has a great effect over the lymphatic system as it accelerates the circulation process, which is essential for discs lubrication.


Portable Back Stretchers

The majority of stretching devices are portable, but some of them can be fairly called portable.

Teeter Portable back stretcher is amongst these models. Teeter’s model is quite a different option in comparison with the arched device presented above. The model is designed with a central metallic column with the handles, extending out at an angle on both sides.

It is comprised of a central metallic column with handles extending out at an angle on both sides. A user is situated atop the model, he fixes the ankles motionlessly and starts pressing the handles towards the body, stretching the central rod, hence, elongating the spine. The biggest advantage of this device is its portability. Some models alike weight up to 5 pounds. They are extremely compact and require little space, which means it can be carried and utilized wherever you want.

Inversion Tables

An inversion table will definitely cope with your back elongation, but apart from it, the device has some other beneficial functions. This model is too heavy and too complexly fixed to be easily moved, but the table is reliable and you can be certain exercising on this device is completely secure. The inversion table turns and rotates in many angles to various degrees. Some of the models are designed to make the “full inversion”, which is a position when your head is pointed to the floor and feet are pointed into the ceiling. This model is equipped with all necessary fittings to fix your body firmly, which makes its functions are similar to what an inverted abs toner does. There are also additional accessories one can purchase for one’s inversion table.


The best thing about the inversion table is that except for a great variety of functions there are many options to choose from, and every user can find a model with an affordable for his budget price. If you are tight of money, you can easily find a suitable inversion table around 100$. If you are ready to splash out, there are other options available that have a wider range of additional features, such as a lumbar support pillow to accelerate elongation. Some models have far infrared (FIR) pads that are heating up one’s back muscles during the inversion procedure or even giving your muscles massage and/or heat units that when combined with the inversion itself will have better healing qualities. The only demerits of this device were already mentioned above, these are the price and the fact that the device is completely non-portable.

All in all, there is a countless figure of models available on today’s market that deal with back pain. Whatever the reason that causes your pain is, the majority of those who undergo back pain will receive great health improvement from any kind of back elongating device, no matter whether it is a simple arched-shaped model that is meant for exercising on the floor, just a bar hanging in a door frame, or a super equipped table. The right conclusion is: there are plenty of devices that cater for every person’s needs and budget, so take care of your back and do not allow the pain take over you. Your back will show you gratitude, and you will feel it pretty soon.