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There are many people suffer with back or neck pain every day. It is worth and, probably, the best choice, to consider acquiring an inversion table. Inversions can relieve stress, and help a spine to overcome the consequences of daily pressure. Inversion table improves blood circulation, enhances body and joints’ flexibility as well as creates a correct posture. People use inversion tables to perform effective stretches and exercises. Using an inversion table will help you stay healthy and lead an active life.

If you would like to purchase an inversion table unsure about the final choice, then read our the best inversion table reviews. It will help you select the most efficient equipment. Simple inversion table exercises will perfectly fit into your daily routine, bringing relaxation and flexibility to your back and making your life easier and more enjoyable.

The following table lists leading models currently on the market and provides a comprehensive overview of key features, used by customers for purchase decisions.


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Top 6 Inversion Tables

There are many brands and models of inversion tables available on the market. Below we provide the review of best six models that match their a high-quality performance and reasonable price level.  The full review of these models will provide full details of product and assess its reliability, helping you to decide on the most suitable inversion table for you.

The Ironman Gravity 4000

Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table

Ironman designs high-quality and innovative inversion tables that help many people alleviate back and neck pains and enjoy effective training. These products are solid, durable and intelligently designed, and, moreover,  priced reasonably. The Ironman Gravity 4000  has many great features and gained numerous amount of positive feedback from its owners. These features are presented to your view below:

  • It is 26 x 65 x 49 inches and weighs approximately 75 pounds.
  • It supports user’s weight up to 350 pounds.
  • The frame is adjustable to fit individual’s height.
  • Its steel frame is large and firm. The unit is durable and lasts long without scratches or damages.
  • The ankle support has adjusted cushions to firmly hold ankles with an additional comfort to inversion table’s user.
  • It includes safety handles to support a user in quick return to an upright position.
  • This appliance is easy to assemble.
  • The folding feature allows easy adjustment for space saving storage.
  • Overall, product does not require space to store.
  • It features a memory foam that is vinyl-covered and will comfortably support your neck.


Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Ltd

Teeter EP-560 inversion table for back pain

The company was founded in 1981 by Roger and Jenny Teeter, and was initially called Sky’s The Limit. Company’s successful long-time expertise in designing and producing inversion products brings to the market high-quality appliances that are equipped with unique patented features to help people to deal with back and neck pain. The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 is one of leading models in the market that gained high scores as an efficient and well-designed training unit. Below is the list of its characteristics:

  • Its size is 60 x 59 x 29 inches, and it can be folded to the 20 x 28.8 x 66 inches
  • It supports weight up to 300 pounds.
  • The steel base is durable and is protected from getting scratches.
  • It is equipped with convenient stretch support handles.
  • An inversion angle can be easily determined with Pre-set Rotation feature.
  • The ankle support includes exclusive pressure limiting foam to provide an excellent support and comfort while holding ankles.
  • The Lumbar Bridge can be adjusted according to your exercise session to a slight curve shape or an arc form.
  • The package includes special acupressure nodes that are placed on the backrest to provide an excellent massage and increase blood circulation.


Teeter Hang Ups EP-950

Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 inversion table

Another highly ranked product produced by the Teeter’s company. Millions of people have been successfully using Teeter Hang Ups inversion units for decades. Teeter inversion appliances are popular among customers for their high-quality and meeting UL’s stringent safety standards. The EP-950 inversion unit, as all products manufactured by Teeter, is fitted out with the latest innovations and advanced features. This appliance will lessen back pain and will help to stretch and strengthen your body, providing perfect muscle and spine relaxation. The characteristics of this product are as follows:

  • When folded it is 20 x 28.5 x 70 inches while in working position its dimensions are 48 x 27 x 61 inches
  • Can support weight up to 300 pounds.
  • The Flex technology moves the table that repeats body shape in order to support the spine while performing relaxing and stretching movements.
  • It features adjustable pillow that provides an additional comfort.
  • Plastic construction ensures longer durability than vinyl tables.
  • Surface is made from a high-quality plastic.
  • The steel base is durable and high-quality.
  • Well-designed, secure ankle support with an extended handle.
  • Smooth surface for minimum friction.
  • This inversion table effortless in assembling.
  • There are options provided to determine the maximum desired rotation angle with the Rotation Control.
  • Precision balancing feature provides a smooth rotation and a secure lock in the upside-down position.
  • The DVD that goes with the package contains useful instructions that improve your technique.


Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Sport

Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Sport inversion therapy table

An additional version of Teeter Hang Ups product line of inversion tables. Having a reputation of a company with high corporate responsibilities, Teeter Hang Ups has created a diverse range of inversion equipment, such as manual items, doorway inversion machinery, motorised equipment and various accessories. EP-550 Sport Inversion Therapy Table became one of the most popular products of the company. That is the reason our it is included in our detailed review. This great product comes with the following features:

  • Weight support reaches the maximum of 300 pounds.
  • Height ranges from 4 ft 8 inches to 6 ft 6 inches.
  • The surface is durable and easy to clean.
  • Flex technology supports user’s movements for a better convenience.
  • The unit is equipped with special traction handles for additional support while exercising.
  • Gravity boots and thick foam liners provide comfortable and safe ankle position.
  • The product is built with heat treated parts, featuring auto-locking hinges, and cam locks in order to provide an additional security and reliability.
  • It includes the Vibration Cushion with 10 motors and a heated neck pillow for achieving excellent massage results.
  • The product is easy to fold and store, and in folded condition is much smaller when folded, and.
  • The unit allows to pre-set the maximum inversion angle.
  • Corner feet ensure solid position of the inversion table and protect the floor.



Ironman iControl 600 Weight System

Ironman iControl 600 inversion table

Ironman produces high-quality inversion tables with innovative features, and reasonable prices. Company’s range of inversion tables consists of several  product lines for relaxation, exercises and therapy. This review focuses on  iControl 600 Weight System Inversion Table, and its major features are as follows:

  • Its dimensions are 57x32x57 inches.
  • Its weight is around 71 pounds and the maximum weight support reaches 300 pounds.
  • Product is suitable for individuals taller than 4 ft 10 inches and no more than 6 ft 6 inches.
  • The steel frame is strong, durable and steady with dimensions 1,5 x 2,5 inches.
  • The backrest is manufactured with a special Air Tech foam that provide an additional firm support to user’s back and neck and ensures an excellent airflow.
  • An inversion table is transformed to upright position effortlessly with the help of special safety handles.

One of the core features of this model is the iControl disk brake system that allows to lock the backrest on a desired angle. This enables a user to move down without “free falling” and rest in chosen position without balancing. iControl system also has the functions that tether strap is performing in other inversion tables, but it is much more efficient and convenient than the strap.


Body Power IT9910 Seated Deluxe

Body Power is one of market leaders  of training machinery. It produces and sells a vast diversity of both professional and home-use training equipment. Body Power distributes its appliances to apartment communities and homes, colleges and high schools, resorts and hotels, police and military departments, health clubs and professional athletic teams. Here we review the  IT9910 Seated Deluxe Inversion System, which stands out with its chair-style design. Although it would make a great purchase for anybody, this product may also be the best choice for people with limited abilities to move.

  • Dimensions are 55 x 36 x 60 inches.
  • Product weights 71.5 pounds and can support a user with the weight up to 300 pounds.
  • The design was made to be highly secured and comfortable.
  • Frame is made from tubular steel to ensure product’s durability.
  • Additionally, the frame is coated with a scratch-resistant finish.
  • Memory foam in the backrest makes the unit more comfortable and helps to treat back and neck pain.
  • Additional safety bar and a safety strap were added to protect the user while exercising.
  • High-quality rubber floor stabilisers ensure the firm position of the appliance and avoid floor damage.
  • A comfortable ankle adjustment mechanism gives the ability to adjust the ankle straps in a sitting position.
  • The assembly instructions are simple and easy-to-follow.


The article above covers the core characteristics of the leading model of inversion tables currently available on the market. The following points are the key benchmarks on judging the quality of inversion table: durability, security, comfort and additional special features.

Choose the table that suits you best and enjoy the therapy and exercises that stretch and strengthen your body. Studies suggest that inverting yourself just for several minutes a day produces tremendous positive results.


Many people are willing to make a wise purchase. Some customers are happy with the positive impact of their inversion tables while others are struggling to feel anything positive. So, sportsmen are willing to know: “do inversion tables really work?”

In the ancient Greece the famous scientist and philosopher Hippocrates put people in upside down position with a help of ropes in order to stretch their body a little bit. Tables are modern and comfortable product of those scientists’ tools. There were various researches and discussions dedicated to the core question of this article whether inversion table provide significant positive effect. All in all, inversion tables do they work?

The core design idea of an inversion table is implemented into its design. The legs of an athlete are placed higher than his upper part of the body. That’s why gravity applies its effect in the opposite way which is believed to reduce pressure on spine bones and provide healthier workout experience. Various specialists’ advice to use inversion tables to people with back pain issues. Moreover, there is a common practice of recommending inversion stand exercise for those who suffer from spine spasms. Sport therapists believe that this tool is absolutely capable of solving this kind of issue. So, when the athlete is placed in inverted position gravity applies the greatest effect on his lower back making the muscles stretch as well as affecting the spine cord. First of all, this eases the pressure on nerves which may have suffered from muscle pressure. Secondly, since gravity pulls between each vertebrae widening the place between them, the decompression process starts which has the most significant impact on spine spasms.

Various athletes discuss the advantages and disadvantages of inversion table for sciatica as well as those who doubt about any positive effect which hanging upside down may cause. Novices will definitely experience increased blood pressure in their head with better overall circulation. So, those who worry about disorientation matters shouldn’t care that much.

Moreover, spasms and nerves are not the only things which are affected by inversion exercises. This is also true for headache issues. Table exercises provides overall positive impact on blood circulation which easing the nerves tension, so overall feeling after this kind of workout is just great. This is also true for the whole body with impact of limbs and persons organs.

So, there is also a common problem which takes place in athletes and peoples discussion which is related to sciatica pain. The inverted exercises as well as inversion table for sciatica really do their trick here with a great treatment of this issue. The very nature of this workout provides healthy pressure on persons back which is necessary to overcome this disease. Moreover, inversion training is a great tool to overcome the early sciatic symptoms and cure this illness at the early stage. It is also the most comfortable and secured approach to treat this problem since it doesn’t involve any harming movements. So, just don’t forget to make decompression exercises three times a day in order to treat your nerves properly.

We hope that we’ve answered the very core question of this article: “inversion tables do they work?”So the way of these exercises makes a stretching pressure on sportsmen backs leading to pain end. Despite inversion tables don’t provide everlasting effect as well as there are some real risks for those who suffer from heart diseases and high blood pressure, they definitely have a positive impact on harmed nerves due to decompression process. In order to be completely sure about it, just read the reviews.