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Hang upside down machine

This strange looking good is basically an inversion table of more specific form than simple one. The workout on this stand requires being hung upside down or at really low angle so the athlete will do his or hers workout in inverted position. This means that the legs of a sportsman are placed higher than his legs which have significant advantage for special kind of exercises.

This upside down machine provides more comfortable experience of inversion in comparison to simple stands as it applies less pressure due to hand balance usage. Moreover, it is using the advantages of those stands with the help of spinal decompression and traction.


Inversion affect on spine

Spinal decompression is healthy and beneficial type of workout which has a good impact on damaged nerves, more accurately on those which were tightened by the pressure of muscles, tendons and bones. Without proper care those nerves could stop functioning correctly causing pain and disturbing feelings in a person’s spine.

This kind of exercise and such kind of hang upside down machine could be used to take care of various health issues connected with back which has painful symptoms. This starts with stenosis problems which are usually appear in people’s neck and lower part of back because of tightened opened spaces in spine. Other health issues appear as classic arthritic and problem with spaces between two adjacent vertebrae. All in all it is necessary to take care of your spine as one of the most important parts of your body. It is also wise to stay in shape in order to prevent these diseases. It’s a common fact that the significant part of back problems is caused by taunted nerves. Spinal decompression provides a required pressure for your back bones making your nerves to fit their place properly. This is extremely important since the nerves which are bounded to spine are also connected with various parts of the body, especially legs and neck. So, taking care of your spine conditions means taking care of your body in general. You may check out specialized medical literature in order to find arguments for this statement.

Traction of the spine is a kind of exercise which is often used as workout addition to hips and leg traction on simple inversion tables and inversion chairs. The inversion table is the best possible good for this purpose as it provides a possibility to do a wide range of exercises which causes the process. Even simple dips and pull-ups with a help of stand as well as other kind of inverted movements will have a healthy impact on your spine because of decompression.

Spinal traction with machine to hang upside down is a good and healthy way to deal with the damaged spine. It is good for people who had relative traumatic experience as well as athletes of different level who’d like to keep their backs in shape. First of all, it affects the position and length of bones correctly and takes care of spasm in your muscles as well as eases pressure on nervers. Moreover it has a positive effect on deformations in skeleton and provide spine with valuable blockage by creating a spindle-shaped taper.

Take into account: ask your friend or someone else to assist you during the first workout as it is hard to get back into the original position after the end of your training.

If you suffer from any kind of disease such as heart, problems with blood pressure or skeleton disease, you’re risking way more than ordinary person, so contact your doctor first.

One more dangerous thing related to upside down machine workout in potential is acid reflux which is not prevented by gravity as usual during inversion exercises. So, we strongly recommend watching out in this case.