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The Lifecore R100 rower is an excellent piece of exercise equipment. It is touted as being the best for home use, and it lives up to that reputation with its plethora of features and capabilities. This article will go over some common questions about this product so you can make a more informed decision on whether or not it’s the right choice for you!

LifeCore R100 Rower review

For those wanting to train for excellence, this is the best piece of fitness equipment on the market. It has commercial-grade specifications that are begging to be used by competitive athletes or enthusiastic hobbyists alike.

Featuring 16 levels of magnetic resistance and 15 preset programs, Lifecore R100 can provide a challenging workout for anybody at any fitness level all while being designed ergonomically so as not to cause undue strain on your back or joints. The armrests are angled in order to allow proper form while still providing stability upon use, making Lifecore R100 perfect for beginners with little experience.

Lifecore also features a display which will indicate either energy consumption in watts per kilogram used throughout training time or averages based on your overall workout. It is compatible with most mobile fitness apps so you can track your progress over time and compare it to previous sessions or other users of the Lifecore R100 rower!

This machine provides quite a few ways for you to customize your experience, including being able to control how much air will be pumped into the seat piece in order to provide greater comfort during use. The tension levels are also adjustable through either manual controls on top of the main console or by using one of many preset programs that automatically adjust according to which program has been chosen.

LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Features

Performance Monitor Features

There are many ways to monitor your progress during training sessions with this machine, whether it be through the computer screen or one of its preset workout programs.

The most obvious way is via the LCD display which will show data such as pulse rate, energy consumption in watts per kilogram used throughout training time and calorie burn rate based on an average user’s weight. This information can also be changed by simply tapping a button so that you’ll know exactly how much work you’re putting into each session!

Monitor Arm Positioning

The computer display will remain in the same location even when you adjust it to a more ergonomic position for yourself.

Flywheel and Resistance (Air and Magnetic)

The flywheel here is 16 pounds in weight and provides a smooth workout every time. This ensures that there will be no jerking motions throughout your session which can cause you to become thrown off balance or even injure yourself!

You’ll also have the option of choosing between air resistance through manual controls on top of the main console, or magnetic resistance by using one of 15 preset programs . The Lifecore R100 rower review offers quiet operation so that distractions around you won’t interfere with your focus during training sessions!

Both types are controlled independently from each other so it’s possible to switch back and forth as many times as needed without having any interference with either system. It should also be noted that all tension settings remain constant whenever they’re turned on no matter how long they’re used for.

The magnetic resistance has 16 levels throughout the entire machine so that users of all different fitness levels can train together. It should also be mentioned that all of these levels are adjustable through one quick touch on the console!

Heart Rate Monitoring

This machine is equipped with a built-in heart rate sensor that will be able to monitor your pulse throughout training sessions.

The Lifecore R100 rower review can provide this feature for you by showing either the current or average/maximum pulse during exercise time on its LCD screen! The easy grip handlebars make it possible to check at any time and stay in control of how hard you’re working, especially since they’ll ensure a steady grip as well as allow enough room for storage when not being used.

Storage and Mobility

This machine is equipped with transport wheels on the front base so that it can be moved to your preferred location without any hassle.

There are also adjustable leveling feet built into each leg of this rower for added convenience and stability whether you choose to work indoors or outdoors!

Airflow Control

You’ll be able to control airflow in this machine through adjustable vents that are protected with a steel grill. This will ensure that the resistance level remains steady regardless of where you’re using it at!

Cushioned Seat

The seat on this machine is built with comfort in mind for a workout that will be as stress-free and simple to manage as possible!

Its design allows it to have an anti-slip surface so you’ll feel secure while working out even if your grip becomes wet or sweaty. This also prevents any painful accidents from occurring due to the sliding motion of the seat itself, which is something we’ve all experienced at least once during our training sessions no matter what type of equipment we were using before!

Adjustable Footrests and Ergonomic Handle

The footrests and the seat height can also be adjusted to provide a better workout for your body as well!

Both of these features allow you to choose between three different positions; low, medium and high which will make it easier than ever before to work out according to what is most comfortable for you. Also, this guarantees that there won’t be any unnecessary stress being put on your joints or muscles since they’ll always have the option of moving throughout every session.

The handlebars are especially important because they’re oversized so that users from all heights can use them without having their hands slip off due to awkward positioning during workouts . This means that you might even see an increase in strength levels after continued usage thanks to how easy everything feels and how simple it is to use.

Belt Drive

The belt on this machine is built with durability in mind so that it won’t wear out during your training sessions or cause any damage to the frame itself.

Aluminum Track

The aluminum track of this machine is designed for durability and longevity so that users can focus on working out without having to worry about anything else.

Durable Construction

This machine is designed with a steel frame and aluminum track for durability that will last as long as possible!

It weighs only 105 pounds so moving it around won’t be a hassle at all, which is perfect if you’re interested in taking the workouts outside thanks to its transportation wheels. The footrests can also be adjusted from low to high depending on your height so everyone using this machine has the chance of working out without any problems or limitations whatsoever.

LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Pros & Cons


  • The seat is built with an anti-slip surface so you won’t have to worry about painful accidents or slipping during workouts.
  • Adjustable footrests allow users from all heights to work out comfortably according to their preferences and needs.
  • The handlebars are oversized in order for them not to slip off of the grip no matter what type of workout is being done or how sweaty the hands become.
  • The belt drive is built with durability in mind so that users can focus on their workouts without worrying about anything else breaking down during training sessions .
  • This machine weighs only 105 pounds and it has transportation wheels to move around if necessary, which makes up for its bulky design.
  • The aluminum track is designed with durability in mind so that it won’t wear down or damage any other parts of the machine during use.


  • This machine doesn’t have a preset workout option so you’ll need to figure out the correct resistance levels for yourself.
  • The seat might be uncomfortable if it’s not adjusted correctly, which can make training sessions more difficult than expected.
  • You may experience some loud noises during your workouts depending on how hard they are and what type of flooring you’re using.
  • You may need to tighten the bolts on this machine from time to time or after a few months in order for it to be as stable and safe as possible while working out.

A final word on the LifeCore R100

You’ll be able to get in shape thanks to this machine without having to spend a fortune on personal trainers or gym memberships that can cost hundreds of dollars per month.

The footrests and the seat height are adjustable, which guarantees that users from all heights will feel comfortable when working out with no limitations whatsoever.

The belt drive is designed for durability so that it won’t wear out during workouts and the aluminum track will prevent any unnecessary damage to other parts of the machine.

You’ll be able to work on strength training, cardio exercises, or both at different times which means you can easily switch up your routines in order to see better results overall!

Frequently asked questions

Is LifeCore R100 suitable for children?

No, this machine isn’t designed for children and it’s only meant to be used by adults.

Can I use this machine if the stick is 150kg?

Yes, this machine can work for users who weigh up to 150kg.

Is LifeCore R100 noisy?

Yes, this machine can be noisy during workouts if you don’t make sure to tighten the bolts properly and it’s not suitable for use in small apartments that require silence.

LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Workout Programs

If you choose not to manually change the tension throughout your workout, there are 15 preset programs that can be chosen from in order to provide a better experience. These include:

  • Warm up and cool down
  • Heart rate control training (beginner – advanced)
  • Fat burning power interval sprints
  • Full body muscle toning workout for both men and women

LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Warranty

LifeCore provides a two-year warranty on all parts and labor with an additional year of coverage for the rower’s frame. This means that any problems caused during normal use will be fixed free of charge as long as they occur within those time periods. As well, there is no need to worry about oiling or maintaining this machine since it operates quietly! The magnetic resistance ensures quiet operation so you can stay focused on your workout without having to compete against noise from other machines or distractions around you.