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Wheelchair types

Every year, there are millions of people in the United States who heavily rely on a wheelchair to assist them in their daily routine. Sadly, there are many people who suffer from living with a disability that restricts them from being able to walk, stand, climb, and run. Many people are forced to live their lives restricted and unfortunately dependent on other people and also medical devices like a wheelchair to help them maintain some sort of independence. Fortunately, wheelchairs have been developed to help those who suffer from restriction and immobility to move on their own as they please. However, depending on the type of condition that you are in and the goals that you have, you may require a specific wheelchair. Below, you should be able to find a list of some of the common wheelchairs that are being offered to customers today. Reviews of top rated wheelchairs here.


Ergonomic wheelchairs are some of the most lightweight wheelchairs you have ever used. In addition to the lightweight, these wheelchairs offer some of the most strongest and stable frames for wheelchairs. Also, there are many other benefits to this wheelchair such as: easily foldable and can store easily, breathable, easy to transport, has anti-staining cushions, anti-bacterial properties and you are also able to simply wash and clean your cushions whenever you like, since they are removable. These types of wheelchairs have been proven to be some of the most effective wheelchairs on the market to relieve pressure and discomfort in the body.


Transport wheelchairs are wheelchairs mainly used with the expectation of a companion to push the user of the wheelchair. Most best transport wheelchairs also come with features such as: swing-away rests for your legs, armrests, side panels and also come with the option to have small wheels in order to provide easier maneuvering of the chair. Also, many transport chairs are now also being made with removable cushions to easily wash them in your washing machine.


Best lightweight wheelchairs are manual wheelchairs that provide durability, stability and comfort with the greatest benefit of being extremely lightweight. In addition, these lightweight wheelchairs are easily foldable and can be transported with ease anywhere. Many ultra lightweight wheelchairs come in weight that can range anywhere between 29 to 34 pounds approximately, depending on the model of the wheelchair.


Recliner wheelchairs are wheelchairs that allow the user to easily recline at various angles for their own comfort. These types of wheelchairs are usually used for people who suffer from having medical issues that involve hip issues, orthostatic hypotension, and other medical issues that require more flexibility in the seat for better comfort. There are also many other additional features that you may add on if you have more accommodations that must be met due to your medical issues.


Standing wheelchairs are mostly automatically electronically controlled with a joystick controller. These types of wheelchairs also have a very unique feature, which allows the user to be able to stand up in the wheelchair. The user may actually be able to drive the wheelchair while remaining in the standing position. Most people who turn to standing wheelchairs mostly use these chairs for pressure relief and or to accommodate certain medical conditions.