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An advice on how to use a Rowing Machine?

rowing machine tipsTraining with a rowing machine represents one of the most efficient cardio exercises. It helps to ring the changes into routine cardio training and burn calories quicker than ever. A rowing machine is an ideal training device in terms of weight loss while it also increases muscle tone and helps to strengthen one’s limbs. However to gain maximum results with pleasure, it’s necessary to know how to use this incredible machine properly.

prosFirst and foremost as you are going to use this device for the first time, it’s important not to overload your body with excessive profound exercises. We recommend to start with 20 minutes and then gradually increase the duration of your training.

prosOf course, the training time should be adjusted in accordance with your fitness level, age, and weight. Half an hour regular workout is more than enough to maintain excellent physical fitness.

prosIt’s also strongly recommended not to start with high resistance to avoid feeling fatigue too quickly. Low resistance levels, 2 or 3, for example, will be quite enough for the beginners.

prosYou also needn’t speed up with your strokes rate from the very start; making from 12 to 15 strokes per minute will be quite enough. All good rowing machines are equipped with a digital monitor helping to keep track of all relevant parameters and find out what distance has been covered and how many calories have been burnt. Over time your stamina will be increased along with your muscle strength, so you will be able to adjust resistance, strokes tempo and exercise duration accordingly.

prosAs you get ready for your rowing machine training, it’s also recommended to pay attention to your clothes. It’s important to wear tightly fitted clothes with no loose ends that might be caught by the machine mechanism during your exercises.

prosWhen it comes to the rowing exercise itself, the first thing to be kept in mind and maintained at all times is a proper posture. Do not lean forward excessively, as it may result in back pains. Wrong pose and movement of arms can also lead to painful strain in muscles.

prosAnother essential aspect is the right order. To start your workout, sit in a convenient position on the seat with your feet placed on the footrests. Then you need to grip the handle firmly and stretch your arms towards the flywheel. It’s important that your wrists remain straight so, please watch them.

prosYour hips also should be leaned slightly forward. To begin the rowing exercise, you will need to stretch your legs by pushing against the footrests.

prosPull the handles to move the rower, but keep an eye on your back and arms to remain firm. Once your legs get straightened, bend your arms and lean back a little. The handle should then be pulled and kept at the abdomen. At the finishing stage, you will need to extend your arms gradually returning the handle back to the flywheel. Lean with your upper body forward again and return to starting position by bending your knees slowly.

And that’s all, easy, isn’t it? Following this simple exercise pattern after some regular practice you will be able to use your rower without paying attention to such details and enjoy efficient and beneficial training.