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Innova Elite Fitness inversion table is a complex product presented by two different models ITX9250 and ITX9300 with own technical characteristics. The key feature is various backrests which actually plays a significant role. All in all, these goods are extremely easy to use and they offer an astonishing price per performance of around 100$. Elite inversion table of such category is rather simple product which is able to satisfy all the basic needs and wants dedicated to fitness. All in all it is a good pick for its price.


Table consists of two parts made of high-quality materials which should be fixed one to another. Elite fitness inversion table is remarkably safe and reliable product which secures its owner with two durable M8 screws, so people who weigh much more than average person will feel safe. However, this stand also suffers from some minor disadvantages. The angle of table legs doesn’t allow standing properly when it is folded for the purpose of storage, so the only way is to move stand into a laying position. Nevertheless, such construction has a great impact on stability of the table during standing. Plastic stabilizers are also likely to be mentioned in such case since they provide extra security. Thus, there is one problem concerning them which applies to a technology of fixing these plastic parts on a stand which is not very reliable. So, just keep that in mind while folding the table if you don’t want to lose them. Finally, the surface of the stand is covered with a simple paint, so there is a risk of scratching it during active usage or moving from one place to another.

Is The Breathatble Mesh Comfortable? 

The fabric of head frame is dedicated to its purpose, however, causing some minor discomfort to its owner. The material of Innova ITX9250 frame is called “Breathable Mesh” which could be regulated in terms of tension with side straps. This is the wise action if you’d like to secure your head from metal bars during workout. Back frame bars will definitely lead to a noticeable pain in upper part of the body during a long lasting training despite being enhanced with synthetic cover since the material doesn’t provide desirable quality. The next noticeable disadvantage is non-removable pillow placed at the top of backrest. Such construction doesn’t allow applying any adjustments which will have an impact on a head and neck as it is impossible to find perfect position if your height doesn’t match the length of backrest. The only option to solve this problem is to remove the pillow completely which is not the best solution since the fabric is thin and your head will be literally resting on a metal surface.

Issues with inverted exercises

There is a way to solve the problem with back part by purchasing extra thick and qualitative cushioning to comfort you. There is an alternative solution for this problem which is applying to ordering another model, preferably Innova ITX9300. The cover of this good is made of vinyl with foam padded background; however, it lacks breathable fabric. Nevertheless, it is an arguable point whether fitness fans should go with this kind of fabric at all. Elite inversion table is designed for a short term exercises which doesn’t last more than fifteen minutes. Moreover, it is absolutely useless during more intensive inverted exercises which may get experienced sportsmen tired. The reason is that ITX9250 was not developed for any kind of training which requires inverted approach. So, the creators of this training stand didn’t even think about adding more comfortable and workout focused fabric since it didn’t apply to the core purpose of this table. This information came from the brand customer managers, so you could completely rely on it.


The adjustability in terms of workout is possible with the help of softly covered handling bars which are ready to help each sportsman during training since they’re placed in a close reach. Such tools will help you to manage the tempo and hold on properly. However, there is a problem of getting back into the vertical position when the table is locked into full horizontal mode. Such issue was found by a great number of users who mentioned that the core of this problem is the actual placement of handlebars. The bars of ITX 9250 in comparison are longer and better developed for this kind of purposes.

The issue with anckle holders

There is impossible to reduce costs greatly without solid impact on quality. Since the ankle holders are complicated tools in any kind of elite inversion table they are actually the first who suffer from product cost reduction purposes. This is a natural order of things in any enterprise but it doesn’t make things easy to a consumer. That’s why you’re unlikely to come across any kind of looking parts in the ITX9250 or the ITX9300. Moreover, you won’t find high-qualitative molded foam padding or any kind of expensive fabric as well as adjustable mechanisms at the footrest, so your legs are not likely to face any comfortable solutions.

This stands on the other hand are packed with four leg bars which are likely to be considerably thicker. The problem here is that they lack additional layers of fabric or other materials in a place where your legs are actually fixed since they play the role of a holding part. However, there are some relatively easy solutions for this issue if you find it to uncomfortable. In my opinion, extra cushioning or thick socks might do a trick with providing better workout experience. It is also necessary to mention that the rollers are enhanced with plugs which could be simply pushed back.

The whole leg system of elite inversion table is packed with automatic securing locks which get fixed as soon as you apply pressure on them. However, such reliable security has its own disadvantage as you’ll have to bend down in order to release your legs after training ends. This happens because of spring loaded mechanism of this stand.

It is also necessary to mention that footrest part lacks adjustability, so this leads to a noticeable disadvantage in terms of height. You may find yourself off the top of the table which is definitely not a good condition for proper exercising.

The simple and reliable mechanism of Innova tables leads to reduced adjustability as we’ve stated before. For example, backrest couldn’t be moved properly in relation to pivot so the athletes won’t be able to control the pace and conditions of rotation exercises. Experienced sportsmen recommend putting backrest on a significant distance from rotation axis especially for novices and people of a big weight. In opposite case you’re bounded to experience not smooth and comfortable inversion. This issue could be solved with applying your hands strength to the bars, so you’ll be able to take manual control over this exercise. However, you may face real problems with getting into original positions if you put the training table into the state of full inversion.

Pivot arms of this training stand are fixed in one state, so the comfort of one type of the exercises leads to a solid problems in terms of difficulty, balance and complexity with another which depends on your weight. Anyway, it is possible to balance the table if you find the correct spot by finding correct phase for your height while lying in a proper position.

The simple mechanism shows its disadvantages in terms of adjusting inversion angle as well which is actually not a common issue for the wide range of elite inversion tables. Developers of this table suggested using rear safety bar in order to make impact on angle of incline as an alternative solution for inversion mechanism. The back bars of this stand could be put in three positions for safety bar because of rubber filled slots.

Assembling process

Quality department of this company doesn’t react to the users responses and complaints as good as we’d like it to throwing a shadow on Innova elite fitness tables reputation. You are likely to face issues while assembling this tables as the gaps and locks for various parts of it could simply doesn’t fit in. We could even recommend to go with manual process here by making some holes wider or drilling extra one for height adjustment or other purposes. The material of  Innova table is fully capable of holding however, some assembling parts clearly lack quality, especially plastic one. On the other hand, the overall quality of this stand provides a good picture, leaving the majority of customers happy.

The documentation for assembling process of Innova ITX9250 is truly remarkable and easy to understand for the vast majority of athletes. All the small and big parts like bars, bolts and spring locks are separated into different categories and sorted well, so you won’t face any problems by finding the correct one if you follow the instruction. However, it is much easier to understand the engineer’s aims by having a looks at its picture rather than text. All in all you are likely to cope with this process in a couple of hours.

Folding conditions

The proper solution for taking care of elite fitness table is to leave it at the place of your last training. However, it happens sometimes that you need a free space in your house or flat, so the developers of Innova company enhanced their product with the tool for this issue. Just open a locking pin and you’ll be able to put leg frames one to another.

The properties of this elite inversion table are quite good in terms of folding it in your flat. For example, in a simple state Innova is small enough to be stored under a big bed with high clearance. However, such beds are not widely used nowadays, so you may find difficult to hide inversion stand this way, so it is possible to make it flatter with a help of relative mechanism. In this state it is very likely to fit under almost any kind of bed available at the market saving you a bunch of space in your house or flat. Moreover, it is only 27 inches wide so you won’t face any issues with moving it form one room to another as it will fit any common door.

Dimensions & Capacities

The Innova ITX9250 weights 47 pounds, whereas the Innova ITX9300 weights 51 pounds due to the more robust and heavier backrest, but both will accommodate users from 5’1” to 6’3” tall, and up to 250lbs. The standing height is 60” and their depth is 50”. That’s all well and good, but it is more important to consider the space the inversion table will take when in use. At maximum settings, the depth will be 75” and the height about 80”
The weights of two models differ because of slightly heavier backrest wich ads extra 4 pounds to Innova ITX9300 in comparison to 9250 version with its 47 pounds. They also have similar adjustability options for athletes from 5’1” to 6’3” tall and weigh up to 250 lbs. This is correlated with standard height of 60” and depth of 50” of elite fitness inversion table as well as its 75” and 80” at maximum capacity settings.


  • Both models are relatively light in comparison with their competitors, so it is good for folding or transporting purposes. Moreover, they are remarkably stable with such characteristics.
  • The front roller mechanism allows users to free or lock their legs with just one simple move of their hand. This spring is really good especially in comparison to another pin lock which requires stand users to bend down in order to use it.
  • I’m not sure that limiting the inversion angle with a safety bar is any better than the tether strap used in many other tables, but it’s no worse, either.
    The safety mechanism which limits the inversion stands as solid competitor for the best stands at the market, providing quiet similar angle and similar experience of workout.


We’ve already mentioned a bunch of disadvantages about these models, so the necessary summary of them is written bellow:

  • Some of the holes and gaps are too small, so users will have to widen them in order to finish assembling process. This is somehow insulting and leads to questions about quality.
  • The loud slogan about Breathable Mesh is just fifty percent true. It is nice addition to a stand backrest but is not enough comfortable and soft though.
  • The rollers which applies pressure to your legs during workout may require additional layers of cushioning in order to soften them.

Consumer Rating

The overall rating of both Innova tables is pretty poor as it’s just barely over four stars out of five. It was spoiled by the opinion of numerous customers disappointed with misaligned or even missing holes which might turn assembly of the unit into a nightmare. However, when studying all ratings found across the web, I got the impression that once customers overcame the assembly, they seem pretty happy about their purchase. You definitely get what you pay for though. A more expensive table would not have had such a difficult assembly process!

The general reviews of Innova ITX models are not very impressive with average rating of 4+ stars out of 5. The main cause of negative feedbacks from customers all over the web is that this stands have problems with too small holes which makes the starting process a living nightmare. However, those who coped with it are pretty happy with their purchase since it provides nice workout experience with good overall quality. Majority of happy customers mentions it as a good bang for the buck. It is also fair to mention that more expensive tables don’t have these problems with construction.

Two Tables Price Comparison

Both models of elite fitness inversion tables have their own advantages and disadvantages. 9250 is slightly lighter and is easier to fold while Innova ITX9300 is heavier with more comfortable backrest though. We recommend going with more advanced model since both tables are sold at almost similar price. Both of this stands are almost the cheapest solutions at the market with only Emer Deluxe model as a 100$- competitor. You may have a look at reviews of the last one in order to make right comparison and choice. We wouldn’t recommend saving too much costs on your workout conditions but clever approach is recommended in this case.