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HCG Diet and HCG Drops

No doubt you have heard all of the debate over the effectiveness of the HCG diet and the use of the HCG drops to help individuals who need serious weight loss. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the HCG program. This has probably led you to wonder if the HCG system is right for you. Let’s start out by saying that HCG is not intended for casual weight loss. If you only need to lose 5-10 vanity pounds the HCG diet is not for you. If you need to lose 20 pounds or more, however, the HCG system is what you have been waiting for. This is a safe, effective, and economical way to help you get on the road to the healthy body and better life that you need not only for yourself but for the people that love and depend on you. The HCG system is very powerful and required a dedication to the action plan. If however, you need serious weight loss, the HCG system is perfect.

Let’s state right now that you should not start using the HCG system unless you talk to your doctor first. Again, this is a very powerful system that changes the foundational way that your metabolism works. The HCG drops adjust key hormones in your body that are responsible for the way that your body processes food and burns fat. With that in mind, it’s not for everyone, and only a nutritionist or healthcare professional can evaluate if you can benefit from the system safely.

Lets now look at some common questions about the HCG system and get some of those misconceptions you may have heard cleared up. Best HCG diet drops reviews here.

Is this Some Complicated Diet System I Will Hate?

No. The system works in four phases and involves two major factors. The first factor is the use of the HCG drops. These drops are placed via an oral squirt syringe under the tongue about five minutes before each meal. The second factor is the type and amount of food that you eat. Unlike other programs that require you to follow strict eating systems, or some that don’t give you any guidance at all, the HCG system gives you a list of foods that you already know and love, and lets you eat them freely. The foods are chosen based on their ability to help boost the body’s metabolic rate, while at the same time keeping you feeling satisfied.

This combination helps your body learn to use the fat that it has stored for fuel instead of the calories that you are taking in right now. This is the main reason why most diets fail, your body doesn’t get reprogramed to operate the right way, o it never starts using the built up fat you already have.

Will I See Rapid Weight Loss?

The answer to this depends on what you consider rapid. No, you are not going to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Not only is that not reasonable, but it’s also not healthy for your body. But you will see the pounds quickly falling off as your body learns to effectively use the fat you have and the food your eating together. The HCG diet is a metabolic booster that helps get you rapid results and reset your bodies own fuel burning systems so you use the calories you take in more effectively.

Is This The Diet Where I Can Eat Whatever I Want?

No. No effective diet would ever tell you to just eat whatever you want and as much as you want. With the HCG system you can, however, choose from hundreds of delicious easy to prepare dishes that you already know and love. These dishes will help satisfy your appetite and make you feel full. There are also a lot of items in the program that encourage your metabolism and help you get through the rough patches such as snacks of fruit, cheese, nuts, and other healthy choices that don’t provide substantial calories but keep your hand out of the cookie jar and away from the candy bar in your desk drawer. Best HCG diet drops product reviewed by this link.

Will I Be On This Diet Forever Like Paleo or Atkins?

Again this depends greatly on you. The main part of the program lasts between 26 and 40 days depending on the amount of weight loss that you need. Once you have achieved your goals you will move into a maintenance phase. Here you will have more calories in your day, and you will still use the drops but at a much lower dose. This helps keep your metabolism fired up and your body running at the higher level of efficiency that you have programmed it to know. The key to the long-term effectiveness of any diet is the long-term dedication that you put toward it. You may find that as you progress into your new lifestyle you will not need the drops or guided eating program anymore. This is fine too, because you can always come back and start the program again if you discover you are putting on your weight once more.

Now that you have a few more answers about the HCG program and how the HCG drops can help you with your serious weight loss needs, why not have that talk with your doctor and then place an order for your HCG program and support products. HCG drops and the HCG diet can be your answer to the difficult high-level weight loss you need to have a great body and a healthy life. Don’t live another day unhealthy and unhappy, gets started today.