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The Advantages of Training with a Rowing Machine

advantages of trainingBeing healthy and fit is not just a matter of physical attractiveness anymore – nowadays it’s an international trend that has thousands of followers all over the world. Sadly, most people have overloaded agendas that make it a tough to find time for visiting the gym three or more times per week. For that reason, purchasing indoor training exercisers for the functional training at home is getting more and more popular. However, once you decide to start off with the fitness workouts there arise lots of questions. The main one among them is which exerciser is worth buying to get the best results in the shortest time and the least risk of injury possible.

prosComparing the amount of calories spent during one hour of training on different exercisers, the absolute leader is the rowing machine with the result of 800kcal. Sure it’s going to take some time before a person can achieve this, especially if it’s an unfit beginner who’s only starting with the workouts. Consider that reaching the same result would take one 2,5 hours of walking, 2 hours of cycling or 1,5 hours of running or swimming. But it’s not only about the calories and weight loss.

prosWorking out with rowing machine is, first of all, cardiovascular training that is a great way to improve health condition. It strengthens the heart muscle, boosts metabolism, enlarges the lungs’ oxygen consumption and its delivery to other organs of the body, and favorably affects the hormonal profile and immune system.

prosThe rowing machine is also a perfect exerciser for those who want to strengthen the whole body and increase an overall muscle tone, as while performing the rowing activity one is working nearly every large muscle group. Making a stroke engages the legs, hips, and buttocks, simultaneously working out arms, back and shoulders. On the top of that the rowing machines provide various adjustments, which enable to lower or raise the resistance of the exerciser accordingly. This adjustment allows not only burn fat effectively but even increase the muscle buildup.

prosRowing is simple, but make sure you learn the correct exercise technique before you start training. Poor performance can cause discomfort in the shoulders or the lower back area and will not provide the expected results. The activity places little tension on joints and together with a right technique it brings the risk of injury while training to the minimum.

prosIt may seem that keeping a rowing machine at home is inconvenient, for it occupies much room, but lots of models can be folded up easily, so you can take it away anytime you need it. Moreover, most of them don’t create much noise in comparison to other home exercisers, like treadmills, which means you won’t get complaints the neighbors or family.

prosThe last but not the least benefit of training with the rowing machine is the reduction of stress. Recent studies conducted by Mayo Clinic show that regular workouts stimulate the synthesis of endorphins that help decrease stress and even fight depression.

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