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Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table Review

Body Champ IT8070 inversion table reviewWhen looking at the Body Champ IT8070, one might wonder whether an affordable inversion table can be a good one. Of course, a price under USD200 for solid training equipment might be confusing. The body champ it8070 inversion table is one of the cheapest options currently available at the market. In this review, we’ll try to determine what one should expect from it and whether it does compromise on quality to reduce the price.

The first thing that strikes about the body champ it8070 is its build quality. Even a fleet glance on it is enough to see that its build is far more solid and reliable than one might expect from an affordable inversion table. The ankle supports, the spring-loaded pull pin, the safety strap and the padding, everything looks quite sturdy and dependable. It features solid and convenient U-shaped handrails while for securing ankles it has four foam rollers, which are quite comfortable. The safety strap will allow you to determine the angle of your inversion, so it will be ideal for home use of both a beginner and an experienced user.



Body Champ IT8070 Review

What appeals even more about this inversion table, is that its assembly is ultimately simple. One won’t even need an instruction book, everything is easy and quick. Once you assemble it, you will be able to make all necessary adjustments for it to suit your height and needs. Here we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that this inversion table boasts of the 250-pound capacity, so for people who are struggling to lose weight it will also be a good choice. To fold it down you will need no more than a few seconds; it also has a safety lock for securing it in place when you don’t use it.

The manufacturers of the body champ it8070 obviously did their best to ensure that you will feel comfortable on this device. The table itself is covered by a foam cushion that gently supports your back and allows you to feel at ease. The lower pull pin is spring-loaded and allows for quick and convenient adjustment of the four foam rollers securing your ankles. You will need as little as a couple of seconds to get on this table and secure everything in place. The training procedure with this inversion table is remarkably safe. Using the safety strap, you will be able to preset any desirable angle and thus control the degree of your inversion. Not all inversion tables can boast of that. The U-shaped handrails are also very helpful in the course of the exercises. As you are holding them, they help you to avoid slipping and feel safer. Of course, it lacks many options and additional features characteristic of some more expensive models, but in terms of the core function and safety provisions it’s a very good choice.

Generally, the device does exactly what it should do, it helps to elongate one’s spine and get the muscles of one’s back relaxed. It’s perfect for spinal decompression after heavy exercises and a long, exhausting working day. After approximately a month of regular exercises with the body champ inversion table, you will notice how the state of your back will improve, along with your posture and overall health. One shouldn’t expect the results to appear immediately. First you will need to get used to it, find out the angle and training period convenient exactly for you. It’s recommended to increase the inversion therapy time gradually, starting from 2 or 3 minutes and then just slowly adding time until you determine the period you are most comfortable with.

To prepare as an unbiased review as possible, we tested the Body Champ ourselves and browsed the Internet for other peoples’ experience with it. We noted that this inversion table is truly very comfortable, especially for one’s back, and eliminates any risk of injury during exercises due to secure and convenient safety adjustments. In terms of special additional features it is not a rival to more expensive models, but it well satisfies the core demand to an inversion table, as it provides secure and efficient inversion therapy at an adjustable angle.

Most customers in their reviews reported that 10 to 15 minutes were just enough for them to feel rejuvenated and refreshed and even get released from back pain over time. The majority of users noted that by the fourth week of their training they started feeling better and enjoying their inversion therapy sessions, while the back pain was reduced or gone at all.

According to one of the reviews prepared by a guy suffering from back pains because of the herniated disc, at first it is difficult to bear more than several minutes and as he started he couldn’t see any result at all. But as he motivated himself to train for a more prolonged period, he noticed some relief after his reversion sessions. Soon he managed to invert for nearly fifteen minutes without any discomfort while his back pain subsided and he could do without anesthetics. His therapist also confirmed that his discs got strengthened.

Thus, it’s possible to summarize, that in order to fulfill the core function of providing safe inversion exercise the device needn’t be expensive. Despite the low price, the Body Champ offers a great opportunity to benefit from inversion exercises at one’s home and could be well recommended to beginners.

What the Body Champ IT8070 inversion table does is exactly what one might expect from a regular inversion table. Neither the build quality nor safety is compromised in this device. Sure enough, it won’t offer such a variety of upgraded features as more expensive inversion tables do, but it will surely serve as a good and dependable device for inversion with a bonus of a more than just agreeable price.