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Stamina X Air Rower Machine Review

stamina x air rower reviewIt always takes no time for Stamina to launch another model. The Stamina X Air is not the first model from this manufacturer that we’ve tested. Since their products are available at affordable prices, one can buy a rowing machine without breaking the bank.

Although the X Air Rower is pretty similar to the fairly good low-cost 35-1405 ATS model, it has more advanced features such as a better display and improved footrests. Colored in black and red it is an excellent rowing machine for under $400.

One can face difficulties when assembling the device. Bear in mind that it will take an hour before you can use it since there are many parts that you have to put together. If manual tasks are your soft spot, then you will need some help. When positioning the chain, make sure that you didn’t miss the sprocket as long as many users have described this problem in their comments.

Once you have put the parts together, there is a respectable rowing machine at an affordable price. A comfortable seat sits on the sturdy rail at a medium height. The footrests are wider than those of the 35-1405 ATS and feature more fixings for a secure footing.stamina x

Since the machine uses air to create resistance, it produces more noise if compared to magnetic and air/magnetic combo models. Until you are going to use it in a garage or home gym, the noise factor is not a big concern. But if you want to watch films or listen to the music while working out, then it can be a problem for you.

Although the X Air Rower can’t compete with the commercial models that cost five or more times as much, it works well even at a high stroke rate. It is a hard-wearing device featuring a chain, durable steel angled rail, and wide footrests as mentioned above.

Although the machine typically belongs to the folding model class, you should note that it doesn’t hold a stand-up position; thus, it will take more space than many other folding rowing devices.

Stamina X Air Rower Review

Display/ Monitor

The Stamina X Air monitor features more functions than the 34-1405 ATS one. A large LCD screen provides the following information: the users’ pulse, speed, the covered distance, burned calories and spent time. To reset the data, you have to press the ‘MODE’ button and hold it for about five seconds. As with all models in this price tier, the displayed information is not a hundred percent accurate but is close enough for you to compare your workouts. Remember that you can’t store your sessions. To save the batteries, the monitor shuts down entirely automatic if inactive.


For around $400 this is a pretty good machine. Many low-end models, especially hydraulic ones, can be easily broken down with heavy use. To create this model, the manufacturer used the durable material for it to serve for a longer time. The only thing we frown at is the short 90-day warranty on the parts. The following are all the loss and gain of the model.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Comfortable seat
  • Multi-function display panel
  • Chain instead of a fabric strap
  • Built-in wheels for easy transportation
  • 3-year frame warranty


  • Produced noise
  • 90-day warranty period on parts
  • One may face difficulties when putting it together
  • There are no batteries for the display board included

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If much noise is an issue for you, then you can pay the extra money for the magnetic LifeSpan RW1000 or the air/ magnetic combo SmoothFlow. Both models are also a perfect choice for intensive workouts.

User’s comment

“I am very pleased with my purchase. Although it produces much noise at high stroke rates, it is extremely comfortable to use.”

Olly P – the owner for three months.

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