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WaterRower Club Rower review

water-rower-clubWaterRower ranges among the best of the top-rated rowing machine producers and for good reason. Their state of the art rowing machines make an impression of a beautiful and elaborate handcrafted interior design item, yet at the same time this producer has quite a plenty up its sleeve to impress the pickiest customer. The Club model is not an exception. This very model in the best way possible proves wrong all those who still have any doubts that WaterRower do create incredible fitness machines.

Whether the device is required for the commercial use or home use of a picky rowing enthusiast, WaterRower will be an upscale choice. What makes it so outstandingly peculiar? The secret is simple; it’s all due to a combination of an exceptional build quality and top-notch materials. A stylish and solid wooden frame of WaterRower products might appear to be quite unusual as compared to steel or aluminium products of other manufacturers. However such device featuring wooden construction reveals not only expensive and classy looks, but it’s also highly durable and long-lasting since ash wood is an extremely workable material, known for its shock-absorbing properties. Is there any surprise that WaterRower wooden frame products show such an exceptional performance even in the hardest workout?

WaterRower Club Rower Review


Speaking of the performance of WaterRower Club model in action, customers’ reviews are more than evidential. None of those who have been using this machine for about half a year could report any problems. Meanwhile, the name of the manufacturer leaves little space for guessing about the nature of the resistance mechanism of this machine. Of course, to ensure resistance for your muscles during your workout it uses water.


WaterRower_GirlThe seat of this model is ultimately comfortable due to a unique design of its contours and really nice padding. The ride on this seat is quiet and smooth. Yet the seat of this model is somewhat lower as compared to other rowing machines available on the market. People having problems with their back or knees, or those recovering after some injury, will need a higher seat; it’s also a matter of individual convenience. That’s why before you decide in favor of this or that model it’s strongly recommended to try one at a gym or store to be sure that a particular construction is suitable for you personally. Another reason for that is the fact, that the Club, just like all other WaterRower models, has its footrests positioned under the pulley. As a result, one’s feet will be placed rather close together, and if your thighs are touching, training on this machine might appear uncomfortable. In such case models having footrests positioned at a wider interval, on different sides of the rail, should be considered

Along with the above peculiarities, the design of this rower provides for smooth and incredibly quiet operation. Due to rollers placed under the seat and a strap being used instead of a chain, the only sound to be heard from it is the pleasant splash of the water.


water rower monitorThis rowing machine also features an easy-to-read large LCD S4 monitor allowing you to control all regular workout data. One will have no problems with figuring out how to use its buttons as it has clear indications and is ultimately easy in use. Apart from being user-friendly, this monitor is also compatible with a PC or tablet. Thus, you’ll be able to download the results of your performance on your PC and keep track of them; this might appear to be very encouraging. Besides most of the heart rate monitors available on the market are compatible with the S4 monitor too. With monitoring your heart rate during your workout, you will be able to gain far better results in weight loss and also improve your stamina. And a special perk – using your PC or tablet you will also be able to take part in online racing with other happy owners of WaterRower machines!


This durable rowing machine seems to have been created for an eternity of regular workout. Yet to assure you of its reliability it comes with a 1-year warranty, which you can extend at your choice for up to three years. Actually, the only problem the users ever experienced with this elaborately crafted device is tank leakage. However, this happens quite rarely and after years of the intensive workout. This problem can be easily fixed on your own using only superglue and should this occur within the warranty period, the manufacturer will replace the tank or provide you with all necessary materials for quick and efficient repair.


Thus, it becomes obvious that WaterRower Club is an excellent rowing machine having its peculiarities, yet being distinguished for its utmost quality. It will please your eyes with its elegant style, delight your ears with the lack of noise and satisfy your body with its superb functionality. And to crown it all, wood for WaterRower machines is taken only from replenishable forests, what makes this machine also environmentally friendly.

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