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Stamina InMotion Rower

stamina inmotion rowerThe full name of the model is Stamina inMotion 35-0123. If you take a closer look at it, you will see that it is not a rowing machine, as the working mechanism has a different design. But we decided to include it in our list of rowing machines due to numerous customers’ requests.

At first glance, you may find it looks like the machine of 90’s. It does have features, similar to the older devices. One should say there is a tendency among the developers to borrow some retro features into their products. However, it is neat and doesn’t look bulky; you won’t have troubles storing it.

Let’s see how suitable it is for work. The seat is comfortable for most users unless your weight is close to 250 lbs so that you find it a bit small. The rowing position is convenient though it is not an actual rowing machine, as was said earlier. If you just need to lose some extra calories or stay in shape, you won’t bother much about how you move. You just need an activity that helps you keep fit. This model can assist you with the task.

The footrests do fine with your feet holding. The beam angle helps your legs to increase the work rate too. But the Velcro on the straps may lose its grip in a while if it doesn’t get free of fluff. Though, it is not the only model with an issue like that.

As to resistance, the model comes with a single hydraulic piston located under the central column. Most of budget models use a hydraulic mechanism due to its low cost. However, the low cost may not always result in what you desire. You feel a lack of resistance after 15-20 minutes of using it. Thus, it is a common issue with all the piston of its kind.

There is still a possibility to choose between 5 levels of resistance. You have to change the position of the piston under a central column and adjust it to a desired level. One may find it inconvenient, as you have to stop training to do that. That’s why the majority of users change it only a couple of times during the whole period of use.

Stamina InMotion Review

The Display

inmotion rower monitorWhat type of a display can you expect from a 100$ model? The small LCD shows the basic information about stroke rate, time and calories burnt. There may be some difficulties in tracking the information, as the screen is fixed to the handle. You will obviously need to hold the position for a sec to view the data.


  • An incredibly low cost!
  • Doesn’t take much space (a compact device)
  • Comes with five adjustable levels
  • Has an angled beam
  • Light and easy to store


  • The action is not smooth
  • Difficulties with reading screen
  • Common issues with the hydraulic piston
  • Not stable enough

The Verdict

One should understand that a low-cost machine is limited in its features. And the Stamina InMotion Rower is not an exception. The model is light, easy to store and offers you an excellent opportunity for a short training. But it won’t give you quick results due to a weak resistance of a cheap mechanism.

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