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Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rower

stamina1050Stamina 1050 draws the customers’ attention mostly due to its low cost. It is a budget model that does help you burn some extra calories and stay in shape though it is not deprived of weaknesses.

The design is based on retro models and makes it look a bit dated. When it comes to the resistance system, some may call it crude due to a low-budget mechanism.

There is a hydraulic piston attached to the carcass, which provides the resistance. After 15 minutes of work, the fluid inside heats up, and it hardly gives any resistance, like there is no hydraulic mechanism at all. It might not be an issue for light users, but for those, who do want to lose some extra weight, a proper work of mechanism could save a lot of time.

Stamina Body Trac Glider Review

stamina-1050-1We wish there were no other matters to complain but here come the footrests that can’t hold feet in the same position during training. Some of the testers admit that they couldn’t keep their feet strapped in: “You have to stop, put your legs back to position, and then go on”. Most find this issue inconvenient. Also, when you try working faster, you can’t focus on what you do as the feet are being slipped out all the time. The developers could easily solve the problem by fitting thicker straps. We hope they do it in the upcoming models.

The seat is comfortable enough for a 15-minutes workout. The inconveniences may occur if you train for a longer time. The resistance has a 12-level setting though you won’t feel much difference during the ‘long-distance’ rows.

The monitor

stamina-1050-monitorThe display gives you all the necessary information about the time of rowing, distance and the calories burnt. It is small, and it’s hard to track information on it though it is quite typical of a budget model. However, you are not going to use it as a multimedia center, it just shows what you need to know.



  • The price that is affordable for everyone
  • Quiet work (much more quiet than air models)
  • A solid steel frame
  • Suitable for a short daily training


  • Inconvenient footrests (feet may slip)
  • Lack of resistance after a longer use
  • Limited warranty on parts (3 months only)

The Verdict

As was said, the Stamina 1050 is a budget model that allows you to keep fit but doesn’t offer a variety of features like higher-cost models. It is an option for those who don’t want to pay more than 150$ for a training machine. However, a weak resistance makes it inappropriate for a hard work. If you are not going to spend more than 15 minutes on your daily training, then this device may suit you.

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