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Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower

stamina-avari-easy-glide-rowing-machineHere is another model representing a budget line of the Stamina brand. A phrase ‘budget line’ states that you can easily afford one though it cannot be compared to the features of the top-line models. But still, people buy it to keep fit and do some regular training, so let’s take a closer look at its features.

Depending on the size of your body, you can either enjoy working on this particular machine or be utterly disappointed with its short length. The length, however, is not an as significant factor as the resistance. Right, the resistance is what makes your body muscles work and get the shape. When you row, you work against the resistance of hydraulic mechanism (hydraulic piston). It should be noted that the model uses only one hydraulic application attached to the rail. The problem is that even more people complain about the mechanism being too tight to row.

Usually, models like Easy Glide use two hydraulic pistons with a slight resisting difference on each oar. The benefit of a one piston machine is that it is no longer an issue. Your arms won’t feel any difference in strain. What they do feel, is that rowing becomes a real challenge for the first 10-15 minutes before the fluid heats up, and the mechanism loosens off. When it does, you might feel the need of changing the settings. Therefore, you need to stop the procedure, get off, turn the collar of the piston and get back to training once more. Some may find it inconvenient. You may choose between twelve levels, but the difference is not very significant when you change them.

As was said at the beginning, the rail is a bit short. People, taller than 5’11”, may find it hard to straighten their legs. As for the rest, they should do fine with this model.Stamina-Avari-Easy-Glide-Rowing-Machine-1

The padded handle fits nicely into most hand sizes and helps you avoid injuries like hand blisters. The cord, connecting the handles to the piston, is made of nylon and looks durable enough to last for long. Considering the cost of the device, a one-year warranty on all parts is quite a reasonable move of the developers.

The model does not fold; you need to move it to some other place if you need an extra living space. However, it is light enough, and you can carry it without much problem.

Stamina Avari Easy Glide review

The Display

Stamina-Avari-Easy-Glide-Rower-monitorThe model comes with an LCD screen, which is easy to read and operate. It shows the time you’ve rowed, calories and strokes you’ve made. You may set it to a scan mode and see all the settings with a 6-second interval.

The major drawback is that it doesn’t show the distance you’ve rowed. We can’t see the reason such relevant data were not included in console settings. Most of the users are willing to know that information…


  • An affordable price
  • Use of one piston instead of two
  • 12 levels of resistance
  • LCD with a scan mode
  • Light enough to be carried


  • Difficulties with the resistance and changing its levels
  • Feet sometimes slip in the footrests
  • Difficulties with a short rail for taller people

The Verdict

The model may suit you well if your fitness goals are not too high. Also, if you are not very tall, you won’t be facing any additional inconveniences while using it. All in all, the device is suitable for those who spend no longer than 20 minutes on shaping daily and don’t want an expensive model.

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