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Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

stamina 35-1405 air rowerWhen talking about Stamina air rowers, one could name a couple of remarkable models, which are suitable for the majority of users. The company is well-known and has been for a while on a market.  The one we are going to speak today does possess some useful features. Though, particular drawbacks may spoil the overall impression. Hasten to say, the model is a good investment for the money, it only needs some update to become a recommended one.

The main problem that may occur with tan air rower is its chain being jammed. On one hand, it is better than a fabric belt, which wears off quickly. On the other, it’s truly annoying when the chain gets stuck during the exercises. The poor fixing makes all the right intentions inappreciable. One of the owners reported that chain issues started in a month already. A year passed after that report, and we sincerely hope that Stamina took some measures regarding the problem. Let’s take a glance how it works.

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower Review

One should say that Stamina 35-1405 ATS is quite comfortable to use. You’ll be pleased with how the angled rail and the molded seat fit for an intense action. Also, the adjustable foot plates that come with the nylon straps suit all feet except for the largest maybe. It provides more secure training compared to the ‘lose’ models.stamina air rower

The term ‘air rower’ in the name means that a large spinning fan makes your muscles work against the resistance of flowing air. As you may guess, the presence of a fan adds a noticeable noise to the rower’s work. But this may hardly be considered as a problem unless you live in a flat with intolerant neighbors next to you. The model also folds up into a compact size if you need to spare some living space. You can see all the workout information on a console and chose what set of data it should display. Or just switch to the scan mode that shows each set at 6-second intervals. It contains general information regarding time, distance, and stroke rate.

What about the update?

The issue with a chain had been raised many times, as the increasing number of users had complaints on it being jammed. There were no official updating dates. However, they’ve promised that a re-designed housing model will be released soon. Hope we see it in the nearest future.


  • It is a suitable model for the mid-budget customers
  • It folds up and saves room
  • The model is equipped with an angled rail for smooth return
  • Comes with a comfortable seat and adjustable foot plates


  • The increasing reports for the chain jams
  • A noisy fan (even for an air flow model)
  • A small display

The Verdict

The Stamina ATS is a relatively comfortable model of an air rower, equipped with an angled rail and adjustable feet. The feet stay solid even at higher working speed. Though, it is not deprived of the weak points, the main of which is a sticking chain. If you are not looking for a heavy duty machine, you may still purchase one, but we would recommend you to wait a bit for an upcoming enhanced version.

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