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Stamina 1205 Precision Rowing Machine

stamina 1205If to consider the price, which was only $200 (when we wrote this review), this rowing machine is quite good. It is not clear why they used word “precision” in the name because it is not clear what kind of precision they meant in the machine. But we leave it up to them.

Among other brands Stamina made many steps and efforts to make fitness machines affordable for home usage.   We have already examined and reviewed eight models from Stamina at this site, and fifty percent of them has the price below $200!

To assemble the machine can take about an hour. But if you did it one time, this will work for you for a long time. You will find the seat comfortable and well-padded even if the machine is not expensive. We have talked with some customers, and they tell they can stay on the seat for half an hour comfortably. But don’t relax, there is one trick in the machine which can be a surprise for you – its pistons, and your back can be stronger than they are!:)

Stamina 1205 Review

If you are under 5′ 9″ you will enjoy the rowing position in full measure but if you are taller the rail can seem short to you and you will try to straighten your legs for a full stroke. The seat is located rather low, and some sportsmen will have difficulty to stand up and sit down. Well positioned foot plates together with the straps can hold the feet tight and safely, but bigger feet can be fixed not so steadily.

Stamina-1205-Precision-RowerOne outstanding feature of the 1205 is hard and solid frame and rail, which have a warranty from Stamina for three years. Probably a very strong rower is needed to destroy one solid block of metal joined to another.:) Its weight is 47lbs, which is quite a lot for a compact rower. The weight is eight pounds more than one of Stamina 1215, next model of the line. Pay attention that other details have a warranty for three months only. But you deal with a budget machine, so don’t be surprised. Get more information about warranties and what they are for here.

So it is time to talk about the biggest disadvantage of the model. Being a hydraulic resistance model, this machine will bring some specific problems. Hydraulic system means that when your muscles overcome the resistance, the last is provided by pistons. Uneven work of two oars is explained that oil inside the cylinders can be heated up differently. Thus, while rowing you feel that one oar is harder to move than the other. Usually it works properly, and you don’t notice minor changes, but if it occurs rowing becomes difficult. When oil becomes hotter, you can experience a decrease in the resistance. In this case, you have nothing else to do than to stop and rearrange the connection on the oar.

If to compare the hydraulic system with modern air and magnetic machines it looks like very old fashioned. For a light workout it can be used, but only for it. Pistons can work different ways, and customers confirm it saying that for some sportsmen the oars move with big efforts when settings are the lower, while others find resistance insufficient.


  • The display is very simple and shows only basic information. Nevertheless you still can see stroke count, distance, time, calories spent and velocity. Some models of similar price don’t have this function.
  • Its handy scan mode shows each set of indices for six seconds and then moves to next set.
  • Its location is not the most convenient to see the displayed information, though.


We have already mentioned that when you want to buy a budget model you should not expect miracles from it. And you should consider all its pluses and minuses. If you ambitions are not too high, you can deal with the Stamina 1205. It will help you to lose a couple of kilos and make your pulse rate 20 strokes faster. But if you want to become a great rower you should spend more and sometimes much more to get outstanding results.

To choose the model, which corresponds you increasing ambitions check our worth a look section and read recommendations.


  1. Number one is low price.
  2. Sturdy and firm frame.
  3. Takes little space when folded for storage
  4. Works quietly
  5. Comfortable and well-padded seat
  6. Scan mode shows workout indices


  1. Hydraulic pistons work unevenly causing problems
  2. Low rowing position can seem uncomfortable to some sportsmen
  3. Very simple console and display (you should not expect more from a cheap model)
  4. Sportsmen taller than 5′ 9″ will find the short rail unsuitable.

Technical features:

Resistance type: Hydraulic/ Piston

Max user weight: 250 pounds

Dimensions: 48″ Long  x 33″ Wide x 28″ High

Machine weight: 47 pounds


Three years on frame.

Three months on parts.

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