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LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine

lifespan-fitness-rw1000-rowing-machineIt is not easy to assess the LifeSpan RW1000 because it occupies a middle position in the price raging. It cannot be called cheap and doesn’t go off scale being too expensive. If you save money, this is not your model. Stamina Air Rower costs $180 less, and you get a good rower for the money. In case you have workouts and don’t care much about the price, you’d better choose Lifecore R100 or Concept2.

So if you are just in the middle, you should find a proper model for you. For example, LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 is quiet and increased stroke rate. You family members will not be annoyed by the noise if you decide to arrange a workout inside. You can also watch TV making exercises. Even rowing for half an hour and more you feel comfortable on its seat. The rower is easy to assemble and fold, when you finished you will not need to do this anymore.

The machine is stable and even; if you are 300lbs it will not shake. Nevertheless, some customers noted that the machine moves a bit during rowing, but probably their technique is not ideal. When you row evenly it doesn’t move. If you move aside a bit from a horizontal level, spurt or make jerks, you can feel that the frame moves.

We talked about bright side of the rower, now the time came to talk about its black side.:) If your feet are not small ones, they can be not held appropriately, because foot holds are shallow. It turns out that the foot straps are not designed for people with big feet. When your foot is loose, you cannot continue rowing, and if you race and have a workout task then you frustrated have to trap your feet in and re-start.


Another thing, which can require your attention is the fabric pull chain, it works quietly but with time it can be worn and need replacement.

The most important fault of the RW1000 in our opinion is displaying the data. Their accuracy for many can be not of a big value because nobody will stop a workout, but if a considerable sum is paid, then customers wait more from the product.

LifeSpan Fitness RW1000


rw1000 monitorThe console works properly showing distance, speed, efforts, and counts how many calories were burnt. However, we consider that some data and in a particular index of calories is calculated inaccurately. It can be used to compare workout sessions and fail to demonstrate the distance and burnt calories because it doesn’t take into account level of resistance.




If you have workouts with the RW1000 less than five times a week, this rover is a good buy for the $$ which it costs. Its price is somewhere in the middle of the price scale, and if you expect many features from it, you most likely will be disappointed. Certainly if you plan to use it more than five times a week you should spend more and get a better machine – you can choose it here basing on our reviews.

We can recommend it if you want to use it only three times a week and are not going to spend much. At Amazon you can buy it for about $500.



quiet work and smooth functioning

adjustable magnetic resistance

Smooth action is provided with 16.5 flywheel

Long time warranty

Solid and sturdy

Folds easily for compact storage

Easy to assemble



Fabric pull chain can be worn fast

Insecure pedal straps which have a tendency to unstuck

Scanty workout data which is not very informative


Technical features

Resistance type: Magnetic

Max user weight: 300 lbs

Size: 87″ x 19″ x 23″

Storage space: 8′ x 4′

Machine weight: 56 lbs

Storage space: 34″ x 19″ x 64″ (fold)


Five years on frame.

Two years on separate parts.

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