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Confidence Fitness Pro Rowing Machine

confidence fitness proSo, you made up your mind to purchase a rowing machine. However, as a person new in sports you are not sure which model you should choose to meet your workout needs? The rowers are one of the most popular types of home exercisers nowadays; that’s why there is a huge variety of models available on the market. On one hand, it’s great, as you’ll have plenty of various rowing machines to choose from, but at the same time such diversity can get somewhat confusing. Each rowing machine has its peculiar features, advantages, and drawbacks. Moreover, the prices can also vary greatly among the models.

In this review, we’re going to discuss the model of the rowing machines belonging to the low-budget sector – Confidence Fitness Pro. The rower is claimed to provide the proper quality training due to the solid construction of the exerciser, and not drain your purse as it doesn’t have the excessive details making the rowing machine way too overpriced. But does it live up to these claims? One way to find out is reviewing the essential features of the rower.

Confidence Fitness Pro Review

The Manufacturer

The rowing machine is manufactured by the Effa Enterprise Corp, in the Zhejiang Province of China. Besides rowers the company produces trampolines and cross trainers, however, it doesn’t make sporting appliances only. The enterprise has a much wider choice of goods for recreation, like party tents, leisure furniture, garden tools, and even inflatable toys. Sure, there is nothing wrong with the enterprise working on many various products, but if you’re looking for a professional quality rowing machine, it’s better to choose a company, specialization of which is focused exclusively on sport. On the other hand such exerciser models aren’t meant for the low budget, so you’ll need to set the priorities.

Construction and Comfort

confidence fitness pro-1The rowing machine is easy to assemble, use, and fold up together to store it densely somewhere till the moment you need it. However, for this sort of exercisers compactibility is not always a good thing. Although most of them have a similar basic construction with a standard length that is suitable for the general population, it might be too short for you if your height is somewhat above average. It crucially compromises the rowing technique, because if you don’t have enough room to fit your legs into, you’ll be rowing in a wrong position, that can eventually result not only in ineffective workout but a serious injury as well.

Another disappointing element in the construction of the rowing machine is a seat. Not only is it inconvenient, but it’s also not even a bit sturdy. When you try to row it immediately starts tottering from side to side, so you don’t have a steady base and instead of focusing on your workout you’ll be all the way trying to find a comfortable position.

Lastly, the manufacturer claims the rowing machine has eight resistance levels, but testing them it turned out that there is little difference between the simplest and the toughest adjustments. Thus, this model will suit only those who have poor fitness level and need the rowing machine exclusively for a slight cardio workout that will speed up your pulse a little. But it’s a bad choice for people who expect some serious challenges from their training, like muscle buildup.

The Display

confidence fitness pro monitorThe most conspicuous thing you notice about the display is its small size. It’s just too tiny to follow the progress of your workout; you simply won’t see the numbers while training. However, it doesn’t matter much in this model, as the console shows too little information, in general, for it displays only the time of your rowing and the number of completed strokes. There is no information provided about the calories you spent while training, which could have greatly motivated people who purchased it only because they wanted to lose weight or burn fat. Neither it displays the overall distance you’ve gone through during your workout.

The Price

The low price is the essential advantage of this model. It’s affordable for people who want to train on the rowing machine but have very limited budget. For instance, charges $180 for it, including the shipping and handling fees.

The Good

prosThe rowing machine is very easy to assemble

prosCompact and requires minimum space when stored away

prosThe low price.

The Bad

disadvantagesMay lack length if your height is above average

disadvantagesThe seat is not sturdy, plus it’s uncomfortable

disadvantagesThe display shows little information, and it’s too small

disadvantagesToo weak resistance

The Bottom Line

Despite its low cost, the rowing machine has too many flaws from the elements of construction up to comfort. It can be suitable only for those who are not planning to work out much and hard to get fit, which means that you shouldn’t expect any significant results. We’d strongly recommend looking through other models because this one is unlikely to improve your health or strengthen your muscles.

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