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BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine

Bodycraft vr100

The BodyCraft VR100 rower machine is an indoor rowing simulator that claims to fulfill the customer’s exercise and fitness needs. The model has a nice compact design and a convenient, stable seat. However, its manufacturers seem to have made a few important mistakes while constructing the exerciser, which eventually spoil the general impression about the rowing simulator. Combined with a relatively high price of the machine we highly recommend reading the detailed overview to check out whether it’s worth to rush an order.

BodyCraft VR100 Review

Here are essential features to consider to get a wholesome idea about this rower machine:

prosThe seat

Bodycraft vr100 seatThe first thing that catches the eye is the unusually wide seat of the model. It’s designed to provide a necessary support and comfort, and it certainly does its job at its best.


prosThe Foot Pads

The foot position is a detail that not many people would pay attention to, but the truth is that it’s one of the crucial features for performing effective rowing action. The foot pads are supposed to be tight and keep your feet fixed during the rowing process. Sadly as it is, the BodyCraft VR100 lacks solidity at this point. The foot pads are neither fixed nor adjustable, and that affects the legs position, compromising the rowing technique.


There is nothing wrong with the flywheel itself in this rower machine; however once you grab the handle and start exercising, you end up bumping the flywheel, which is incredibly distracting and annoying. The reason for this is the poor construction of the model where the flywheel is too close to the track.


VR100g-monitorThere are only two things expected from this feature: it should show the accurate data and be comfortable for viewing this data. The BodyCraft VR100 has no problems with the latter, but the former feature is an unattainable altitude for it. We conducted the test rowing 1000 meters at different resistance levels.  We ended up being very surprised to see that according to the data shown on the display the number of strokes made to row this distance were identical despite the various resistance used. It’s very disappointing since the main task of the display is to show the accurate results of the training done.

prosResistance levels

The model has been equipped with six resistance levels for providing the ultimate rowing action for people with various health and fitness condition. The lowest levels here offer too little resistance for the effective workout, while the highest ones are way too tough, even for the skillful rowers.

prosPrice vs. Quality

The price range for the model is $599 – $699. Perhaps it’s too much to ask for a rowing machine that can’t provide comfort because of sliding foot pads. It won’t show the actual data about the workout’s results, such as the number of the strokes made. Neither it is capable of making your training ultimately effective because with the resistance levels it has you will always be either pulling too hard, or feel very poor resistance.

The Bottom Line

Taking into account all of the previously analyzed features of the rowing machine, we’d recommend choosing another model at the relatively same price range. In the case if your budget is not limited you can add nearly is $200 – $300 and purchase a Concept2 rowing machine known for its excellent reputation.

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