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Kettler Kadett Outrigger Rowing Machine Review

kettler kadettThe Kettler Kadett is a unique rowing machine and, therefore, differs from others. It is not the most stylish to boast in front of friends, but it definitely does its job great and will be useful for people, who really like the action, exercise, and rowing. Consequently, some people like it very much whereas others don’t. That’s the reason to look at it closer and decide it is suitable for you or not.

The Kadett Outrigger is a hydraulic rower and uses pistons in order to resist the movement, which will make your muscles work harder.

The resistance level we are talking about can be changed by turning a collar on the piston. Having tested it, we have discovered the whole 12 levels of resistance. That’s why people with different calisthenics can use this machine. Though it looks a little inconvenient to adjust the collars on pistons. Because it means that the person will have to stop the training to change the settings.

The Kettler Kadett will never take much of space when storing as it easily folds up in a smaller size. Therefore, if you don’t have much place to keep it at home, the Kadett would be the right choice.

Yet another its advantage is the German brand. It is a well-known fact that all German equipment is of a high quality, and this particular rowing machine isn’t an exception. Its quality is really very good and this quality can also guarantee you several years of excellent performance, no breakages and complaints.

Kettler Kadett Review

kettler kadett2If one day you will experience a problem with pistons, then don’t worry as they are covered under the warranty for the whole 3 years and will be changed for free.

The seat is extremely comfortable and it is significant as you might be spending a few hours a day working out. Though if comparing with the WaterRower, their seats are a little more comfortable but they also cost twice more. If you are an owner of an apartment then you should consider buying this model as it is very quiet and will not disturb anyone. The sliding motion is perfect and smooth at the same time. What else does a person need in a good rowing machine?

The only feature that is a bit upsetting is the foot rests. Foot rests should be strong and stable and without any movements, but as the practice shows they do move and it is not good. Also, the connection with the frame is easy to break and some customers mention it in their comments. We have also received a lot of emails describing this particular problem. After some time, it should be changed. All these minor cons make us think if it is a good rower, but we consider that its pros outweigh/outbalance the cons.

Another issue which might be serious for some potential buyers is the usage of pistons. The problem is that in hydraulic rowers they will never be able to be as smooth as, for instance, in rowing machines with water, magnetic or air type of resistance. But from the other side, these pistons are cheap and consequently it makes the rowing machine cheaper to, comparing with others. The price for Hydraulic rowers starts from 500 dollars whereas for magnetic, water and air from 1000 dollars. For some people, it DOES play a big role.


kadett-monitorThe monitor has a good large size, where you can see all the necessary information: time, distance, speed, calories and of course heart rate. Thanks to some buttons you get an opportunity to choose exact settings for the workout, it can be distance or speed, actually anything you want to achieve your target. When you reach it, you will hear a specific sound that demonstrates the end of the training.

One more surprising fact was that, having ordered the Kadett in order to test it, we didn’t expect it coming with an ear clip. This ear clip is for the pulse monitor that will be displayed on the console later. It doesn’t look very comfortable for some people, I would even say the majority as one should purchase an additional wrist or chest strap monitor. Nevertheless, this ear clip should be used, as only with its help you can know your pulse and that is a big advantage. And later you can add heart rate programs to your workouts. Due to this, you will use the rowing machine at its fullest, which means being in shape and fit, lose weight and become more active.


The Kettler Kadett is truly good rowing machine. But nevertheless before buying it, consider the following factors: if you are not a professional rower, then is it really the best way to keep fit? Maybe you can think of some other ways. Because if you have never tried rowing, you might not like it and you will just waste your money buying it. But if you are a regular rower then this model can serve you for a long time. Plus is it compact and doesn’t require much space and attention. For these purposes, we would recommend the Kadett Outrigger rowing machine. In order to get the best deal, go to Amazon.


  • compact – suitable for apartment owners
  • excellent machine for action
  • 12 different levels of resistance
  • German made – well built-inkadett_2-270
  • Good LCD monitor
  • Good warranty
  • Easy to assemble the necessary settings


  • the price seems a little higher than it should be for the offered features
  • strange way to change the resistance levels
  • foot rests move while the workout, which isn’t comfortable
  • takes about an hour to adjust the whole rowing machine, but you do it only once. Therefore, maybe it is not that bad and long.
  • Some customers claimed that they didn’t like the action


  1. Rower weight – when filled with water 66lbs
  2. Resistance type – hydraulic
  3. Dimensions – 49”x31”x12”
  4. Maximum user weight – 250lbs


  1. frame – lifetime
  2. the rest of the parts and electronics- 3 years


If you take a look at out other reviews you will find some models, which are just a bit more expensive, but which demonstrate a better performance. For instance: Velocity CHR. The next is the Concept 2 Model D, this rowing machine is a few hundred dollars more expensive but believe us, it is worth it money. Though for this money, you can already start thinking of water rowers, such as Neptune or H2O ProPower.

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