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H2O Fitness Seattle Wooden WRX-100 Rowing Machine

h2o seatle

h2o seatleLet’s start the review from discussing the name of this rowing machine. It is called H20 Seattle Wooden WRX-100 and is made by HCI Fitness manufacturers. H2O is the brand name and also because the machine has a water resistance type. Seattle stands for the location – the headquarters are there. The word Wooden – because it is made of a particular kind of tree – beechwood, therefore it resembles the wooden water rowing machine.

Previously we have already written about some rowing machines manufactured by the H2O Fitness, for instance, the ProPower.  Consequently, we decided to compare these 2 models and found out that the principles of any rower made by the H2O brand are: quality, durability, comfort and multiple features.

H20 Seattle Wooden WRX-100 Review

One of the first things you pay attention to when buying a water rowing machine is of course the seat, as perhaps you are planning to spend hours sitting on it and that’s why it should be comfortable. The reputation of all H2O seats is very good. The seat is very comfortable, has an ability to glide up and down thanks to aluminum rails.

Another pleasant pro is that it does its job great and quiet. Though some time ago, there were some issues about the machine being loud and looks like it was changed. Which means that manufacturers DO really care about their potential buyers.

Another problem told by people was about hard assembling. But this problem was also solved and now some of the parts come already pre-assembled.

Yet another con was connected with the water tank. People were claiming that after about 10 months or so there arose the following tank problem – it was coming in the frame and made a sound because there was a  contact with the inside of the water tank. But this issue was written before 2012. After 2012, there wasn’t even one complaint about. Maybe that’s why we can say again that this problem was solved too as such complaints don’t appear anymore.h2o seatle wrx

Coming back to the pluses, the warranty should be emphasized. It demonstrates people that they will be able to use this machine for a long time, without any breakages if to look after it in a proper way. The full specification along with the warranty you can read below.

All people are different and that’s the reason to choose different types of water rowing machines. For instance, they can have water, air or magnetic resistance. Speaking about the H2O Seattle, it offers a water resistance type. That’s why it is impossible to change the resistance level unlike in air and magnetic types of rowing machines. But by adding more water to the tank and pulling harder, you will immediately feel more resistance.

Thinking about the idea to keep the pool clean and not green, is a very easy task, though some people don’t think like that because of little creatures and organisms which can multiply anytime and, therefore, make the pool green and dirty. To prevent this unpleasant situation, you should only use a purification tablet or chlorine. That’s your choice already. It will take you only a minute, if not seconds.


H2O-Fitness-Seattle-Wooden-Row-3It is very sad to say, but the display in this rowing machine looks like from some cheap model. And it is disappointing as in general the H2O Fitness produces really qualitative machines. Yes, the display is big and that’s why it is easy to read all the information from it, but its look changes the overall opinion. Though it DOES have the built-in heart rate receiver, the chest strap they didn’t/don’t include. The monitor is able to show calories, distance, stroke rate as well as heart rate and elapsed time. Unfortunately, this particular water rowing machine doesn’t include the heart rate program.


This rowing machine is 100 percent able to help you stay in shape and keep fit. All the previously mentioned problems were solved and if the display doesn’t play a big role for you, then why not choose the H2O Seattle Wooden? Of course, it is not as superior as, for example, WaterRower Natural, but don’t forget that H2O price is a few hundred dollars less, which may play some role.


  • quality, durability, comfort and multiple features
  • reasonable price
  • very comfortable seat (you will not want to stand up)
  • works quiet
  • easy to keep clean
  • easy to store
  • quite stylish


  • display/monitor might be an issue
  • the issue with the water tank, though we think, everything is fixed now


  1. machine weight – 102 lbs
  2. Resistance type – water
  3. Maximum user weight – 350 lbs
  4. Dimensions – 82”x20”


  1. frame – lifetime
  2. 3 years – on tank
  3. 2 years – all other parts


The WaterRower Natural model is considered to be among the best if speaking about models, which are made of wood. If it is your goal to have a wooden rowing machine, then pay attention to it. Also you can have a look at the WaterRower A1, though it is very similar with WaterRower Natural even in terms of price. Another good option can be found in the range/line of H2O ProPower, especially RX-950. If you are ready to pay just a little more, than it is worth considering.