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First Degree Newport Challenge AR Rowing Machine

The Fifirst degree newportrst Degree Newport Challenge is a very well-known brand thanks to its quality, features, options and many other positive factors, which will be written in this review. Their prices vary from low to high, therefore every customer can find a purchase within the pocket. But the brand is mostly famous for producing fluid rowing machines of a very high quality, therefore they take a big place on the market today.

The majority of their rowing machines are of a reasonable price and every person who is searching for one, can easily buy it. Moreover, the manufacturers offer a variety of features together with its excellent performance.

The only little and minor con can be the style/design of the rower. Comparing it with some other brand like Evolution and Vortex, then First Degree loses but the functionality is worth buying. Therefore, if you have a desire to buy a good, “hard-working” rower rather than something stylish, then you have to purchase the First Degree Newport Challenge.

First Degree Newport Challenge AR Review

The First Degree model is quite modern with a red frame, which somebody may not like at the beginning. But starting the work with it, which it does great, you will forget about the frame color. The quality – is the most significant factor, and at this point this particular model is one of the best as it will serve you for many years without any even little breakages. One more advantage is that its weight is only 60 lbs, but when you fill the tank it will be 68lbs. When the water tank is filled completely the weight can reach up to 300lbs. But that is not a problem to move even with this weight as there are wheels for that aim. When there is no need to use the rower anymore, it will be easy to put it in some storage place, where it will never take a lot of space as you can put it vertically.

first degreeHaving even a little previous experience and practice of how to put the rowing machine together, you will not have any difficulties with the First Degree too. But if somehow you have no clue how to assemble it, you can always ask for somebody’s help. Besides you will need it once only, after that you will be able to cope with any rowing machine.

Another very important factor when buying a rower is the seat. It should be comfortable and very if you are planning to spend hours a week sitting on it. And here the First Degree Newport Challenge is again the best; its seats are the coziest among all brands. This particular seat can take a few positions as it can move up and down.

Yet another pro is the tank durability. People who purchased this brand’s rowers say that there is no leakage, even after three years of constant usage. One more invention of the First Degree is the 2 chamber water tank. In each of them you have a possibility to change the resistance as well as pour water from one to another without draining or refilling. That’s why in the name you can see the two letters AR, which literally mean adjustable resistance. This procedure should be done manually though it will not take much of your time.


FIRST-DEGREE-FITNESSHaving a big and easy to manipulate display is a great innovation. With its help you can see your own performance, moreover, you can even download it on your laptop or personal computer due to the USB port. Having the desire to see your own progress, simply go to the First Degree’s website and it will show you the results, which will keep you to stay in shape and motivated for a long long time. Though it does require some basic knowledge of how to operate the display and do all the opportunities it provides. Unfortunately, there are no pre-set programs with this display, but if you wish it, you need to pay attention to magnetic rowers or spend more money.


This rower is one of the best in its line. But of course, one should understand that it can’t be compared with WaterRower handcrafted versions as well as some other more expensive models of the First Degree. As usual everything depends on what you are looking for. In case if you are in search of a well built-in, qualitative, long-lasting and not requiring fluid/water rowing machine for 1000 dollars, then that is what you need. You definitely will not be upset or disappointed with its performance and multiple features. And the best deal you can get is of course on Amazon. So start checking the prices and shipping right now and you will not regret later.


  • light weight – easy to remove
  • the presence of wheels – you shouldn’t carry it when the water tank is filled
  • reasonable price
  • well-known brand
  • durable – will last for years
  • comfortable seat – you will not want to stand up
  • the water tank consists of 2 chambers
  • the best service and customer support
  • interesting color, though everyone has his own choice and taste
  • ability to see and download your work with this fluid/water rowing machine


  • doesn’t have pre-set programs like in magnetic rowers
  • isn’t stylish if comparing with other models of different brands, though it is technically very good
  • red color, which some people may not like (again depends on the taste)
  • the heart rate strap isn’t included


  1. Rower weight – when filled with water 68lbs
  2. Resistance type – water
  3. Dimensions – 78”x21”x20”
  4. Maximum user weight – 300lbs


  1. 5 years – frame
  2. 2 years – water tank
  3. 1 year – the rest of the parts


As it was mentioned above the First Degree brand produces a lot of rower models, therefore if this one is a little expensive for you, then take a look at the Neptune and WaterRower Natural – both stylish and with good performance.

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